Installation / Migration Services

Server Migration

Our server migration service is intended for the migration of one GeoProduct from one domain (or server) to a second domain (or server). With this service we will take an entire backup of the files and database off of the old server and use this backup to recreate your site on a new server. This service is most commonly used when a client is switching hosting companies and wants the site moved.

How to Order

Existing Customers
can log in to their Client Area and add the Service to an existing product they have previously ordered.


Our server migration service includes:

  • Database backup of current GeoProduct site data.
  • Copy and migration of all GeoProduct software files on customer's server.
  • Copy and migration of 'images' folder containing customer uploaded images.
  • Creation and populating of new database with current site data.
  • Test Registration process.
  • Test Place an Ad process.