Note on Features: Some features documented here require an addon, refer to the Feature List for details.

Note about 'Listings': The use of the term "listings" in the user manual can refer to classifieds, classified ads, standard auctions, dutch auctions, reverse auctions, and buy now only.

Edit This Manual!

This section of the manual deals with this user manual itself. The user manual is created using WIKI software, called DokuWiki. If you are not familiar with what a WIKI is, you can find more info about them on the popular Wikipedia website, which itself is a “free encyclopedia WIKI” where every article in it can be written or modified by anyone.

Edit this Manual?!?

Anyone who has an active Geo Product license, and who wants to, can edit any page in this user manual. It is of course totally voluntary, and we do not offer any compensation, besides the satisfaction of helping us keep the user manual as up to date and accurate as possible. You do not have to ever hit that edit button, but it is there for you to if you want.

For instance, you might want to edit a page to correct a typo, or you might find out-dated information that you wish to correct, or perhaps there is a screen cap image that is out of date that you would like to re-create. The idea is that you can help us to help you. This section of the user manual will help you help us to help you. That is, it gives info on how to edit pages in the manual, and anything else you may need to know to do that.

Geo Maintains this User Manual

I want to make it clear, that the majority of material found in this user manual is original content created by Geo, and that Geo is responsible for the information found in this user manual.

We do not rely solely on users to maintain the user manual. User submitted edits and additions act only to enhance the user manual and keep the user manual as accurate and helpful as possible, but Geo still remains the primary maintainers of the information. In the open source community, it is often said that “Many eyes make the bug shallow”, meaning that the more people looking at something and have the ability to change things, the less chances for problems. This is the reason we allow and encourage you to edit a page if you feel like helping us out and you see something that needs attention.

If you would prefer, you can instead let us know about any problems you find in the user manual, by sending us an e-mail to and we will make any needed changes.

How Changes/Edits are Handled

In order to preserve integrity, editing a page in the user manual requires registering a user in the wiki, then we will verify your license and activate the user. The registration process will go something like this:

  1. Register for a new user in the wiki.
  2. Send an e-mail to from the same e-mail used to register in the wiki, and request to be “activated”.
  3. If we receive no request for activation, we will automatically remove inactive users after a certain time.
  4. Once the user has been activated, you will be able to log in with that user and edit any page in the user manual.

See the Geodesic Solutions ( Privacy Policy for information on what happens to the data you submit to us, the policies outlined there also apply to information submitted to this wiki. In addition: By using this user manual wiki, and by submitting edits to this wiki, you agree that:

  • Any material (this includes editing a wiki page) that you submit to this website becomes the property of Geodesic Solutions, LLC.
  • Do not submit copyrighted material.
  • We attempt to verify any and all material submitted to the wiki, including images or other media, is not copyrighted. If you find any material in this user manual that you believe may be copyrighted by another entity, or that we may not have rights to the material, please contact and we will take the appropriate action.

Edit Abuse

Note that in order to preserve the integrity of the user manual's contents, we are notified the instant any changes are made to the user manual, and we will be reviewing the changes. The primary reason for this is to catch any accidental wrong or out-dated information posted in the user manual, but it has the added bonus of meaning if anyone posts malicious content for any reason, it will get noticed and taken care of right away.

If you abuse the edit button's powers in any way, we will be very sad :-( We'll also undo any malicious edits, and delete your Wiki account or possibly other actions as the situation warrants.

If you find a page you believe was a victim of edit abuse that we may have missed, feel free to let us know by sending an e-mail to

See Also

  • See Formatting Syntax for help with the syntax used when editing a page in the manual.
  • See DokuWiki for more information on the wiki software this user manual uses, DokuWiki.
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