Note on Features: Some features documented here require an addon, refer to the Feature List for details.

Note about 'Listings': The use of the term "listings" in the user manual can refer to classifieds, classified ads, standard auctions, dutch auctions, reverse auctions, and buy now only.

Classified & Auction Feeds

Included with the software, there are 2 different feeds that can be used to publish a list of the classifieds and auctions available on your site. The feeds are highly customizable, and are designed to allow you to create different copies that might display the feed with different options. For more information on each feed and the different options available to change for each feed, see the links below.

  • RSS Feed - Anyone can “subscribe” to the RSS feed on your site, to keep updated of any new classifieds or auctions placed on your site.
  • Oodle Feed - used to submit your site's classified listings to
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