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Note about 'Listings': The use of the term "listings" in the user manual can refer to classifieds, classified ads, standard auctions, dutch auctions, reverse auctions, and buy now only.

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 +=====Pagination Within Modules======
 +With v7.4.0 forward you are able to add pagination to any module that displays listings within it.  You only need to add a specific attribute to the module'​s placement tag within the html.  For the newest listings 1 and hottest listings modules those tags would look like:
 +{module tag='​newest_ads_1'​ use_pagination='​1'​}
 +{module tag='​module_hottest_ads'​ use_pagination='​1'​}
 +It will display as a pagination like you see in the following screen shot:
 +Note there is no module admin tool control for this feature. ​ You will need to insert the "​use_pagination"​ tag to use it.  You can remove that attribute from the tag to turn it off....or include "​use_pagination='​0'"​ but not placing or removing seems easiest.
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