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Note about 'Listings': The use of the term "listings" in the user manual can refer to classifieds, classified ads, standard auctions, dutch auctions, reverse auctions, and buy now only.

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 <a href="​index.php?​a=11&​amp;​b=0&​amp;​c=65&​amp;​d=2"​ class="​button">​last 2 weeks</​a>​ <a href="​index.php?​a=11&​amp;​b=0&​amp;​c=65&​amp;​d=2"​ class="​button">​last 2 weeks</​a>​
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 +The "​class=button"​ only styles the link and you can remove or replace with styling you wish.
 So you can bypass placing the tag if you wish. So you can bypass placing the tag if you wish.
 +===== Additional Tag and Link Options =====
 +You have the ability to override the in built length options within these modules if you wish.  You only need to pass an additional variable within the module tag to override the default like so:
 +  {module tag='​newest_ads_link'​ days_to_display='​30'​} - displays listings placed in the last 30 days
 +  {module tag='​newest_ads_link_1'​ days_to_display='​10'​} - displays listings placed in the last 10 days
 +  {module tag='​newest_ads_link_2'​ days_to_display='​60'​} - displays listings placed in the last 60 days
 +  {module tag='​newest_ads_link_3'​ days_to_display='​90'​} - displays listings placed in the last 90 days
 +  ​
 +Additionally,​ if you are creating your own links directly you can pass the same variable as so:
 +<a href="​index.php?​a=11&​amp;​b=0&​amp;​c=65&​amp;​d=4&​amp;​days=30"​ class="​button">​last 30 days</​a>​
 +<a href="​index.php?​a=11&​amp;​b=0&​amp;​c=65&​amp;​d=1&​amp;​days=10"​ class="​button">​last 10 days</​a>​
 +<a href="​index.php?​a=11&​amp;​b=0&​amp;​c=65&​amp;​d=3&​amp;​days=60"​ class="​button">​last 60 days</​a>​
 +<a href="​index.php?​a=11&​amp;​b=0&​amp;​c=65&​amp;​d=2&​amp;​days=90"​ class="​button">​last 90 days</​a>​
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