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 +====== Copy Admin On Client Communications ======
 +Within the admin tool you can configure the software to copy all client side emails to a specific email.  This allows you to keep apprised of client communications through your software.  This will copy all communications sent by the software to the email address you insert into the following admin tool setting.  This includes all communications sent through the contact seller and notify friend features of the listing details page on the client side.  
 +Note this can only copy you on emails sent by the Geo software.  So you would get the contact seller email to the seller but if the seller replies to that email from within their personal email you would not be copied on that email.  If the seller chose to return to the site and responded through the communication system within their client area you would be copied on those communications.  The same goes for the notify seller feature.  You would get the original email to the friend but not the reply if the friend used their personal email to reply.
 +===== Where is this Configuration in the Admin Tool? =====
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