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-====== Contact Seller Form ====== +
- +
-<tip c>**As this change involves a system template it does not exist in your custom template set by default. ​ It must be copied from the default template set to your custom template set before changes can be made to it.  The [[startup_tutorial_and_checklist:​design_configuration:​design_tools:​system_template_changes:​start|system template edit support wiki page explains the steps of getting that to your custom template set]]**</​tip>​ +
- +
-There are two "​contact seller"​ forms within the software. ​ The default configuration for most designs is to link into the "​contact seller form page" feature. ​ Your other option is to place one directly into the listing details page itself. +
- +
-To make changes within the contact seller form page template look to the following system template: +
- +
-  /​system/​browsing/​contact_forms/​seller_form.tpl +
-   +
-To make changes to the contact seller form that can be included within the listing details template look to the following system template: +
- +
-  /​system/​listing_details/​contact_seller_form.tpl +
-   +
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