Note on Features: Some features documented here require an addon, refer to the Feature List for details.

Note about 'Listings': The use of the term "listings" in the user manual can refer to classifieds, classified ads, standard auctions, dutch auctions, reverse auctions, and buy now only.

18) Multi-Language Setup

The software allows for any number of languages to be in use on the client side. This allows your clients to see all system text and templates within a language you setup and allow your clients to view on the client side.

Highlights of the Multi-Language Feature:

  • Ability to see all system generated text of the client side by language choice
  • Ability to see all templates used on the client side by language choice
  • Ability to allow the client side user to choose the language they view the site in from the languages you've configured in the software
  • This feature does NOT translate client entered text. It is best you not try to create a feature to do this as automatic translation tools can sometimes miscommunicate features that prove very important. Besides the seller will insert a listing in the language they understand. There is no use having clients send them questions in languages they cannot understand
  • Ability to browse the site using a language filter. This allows users to only view listings that were inserted using the language they have currently selected to view the site in.
  • Flexible ability to set a language cookie to the client browser
  • Ability to set language specific attention getters
  • You can export languages for local translation in a program like Microsoft Office or Openoffice

Where is the language features of the software managed?

You can create languages within the system using the following admin tools:


And manage a few aspects of it within that page like exporting a language for external translation and reimport after translation. You can set a specific template set to a specific language use within this admin tool:


Things to know when managing languages in the software

  • The software does not translate client inserted data they insert into their listings
  • The text you see on the client side is managed through a number of features. Any text you see will either be directly into a template or within the system text for the system.
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