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Dual Release - new 7.3.4 and a new 7.4 Beta

We have just released both version 7.3.4, and a new beta version for the next feature release, 7.4beta1! These are available for anyone running GeoCore Classifieds, GeoCore Auctions, or GeoCore MAX and have current download access.

Most sites will want to update to version 7.3.4, as it is the latest stable release in the 7.3 product line. This new maintenance release takes care of a number of issues that have accumulated since the last release (17 Fix/Maintenance Changes, and one template set change). You can see more details in the forum post for 7.3.4, and in the 7.3.4 changelog.

Beta Version

Category Screenshot

(Above: Screenshot of the new category admin page in the beta version)

For those that want to try out the bleeding edge changes, you can also download the latest beta release, version 7.4beta1 which is the first beta release out for the future 7.4 release. We plan to release more beta versions as more features are finished by the developers, until all of the features we have planned for 7.4 are finished. We still have a ways to go before that happens, likely 2-3 months or more as this release has "big plans". There are 2 main things finished so far in the beta: The category admin has been re-done, which adds a lot of features as part of the re-do, and a new importer, along with hand-full of other features (13 features / enhancements to be exact). You can see more information in the informal forum post here (this one in the client area of the forums, current clients only).

Note that as always, we do not recommend using the beta version on a live site, at least not until you have had a chance to test it thoroughly. See the Beta Releases section in the user manual for more info about beta releases, before deciding if you want to use it or not.