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Version 7.2 is now available for your enjoyment!

We are pleased to announce that GeoCore Version 7.2 is now available for download! Like always, this update is available for GeoCore Classifieds, GeoCore Auctions, and GeoCore MAX. If you are using a previous product, GeoClassifieds GeoAuctions or GeoClassAuctions, be sure to follow the update instructions to upgrade to Geocore! Version 7.2 is a "minor" feature release, although the features added will be a pretty "major" advance for some, depending on how you use the software!

Some may realize that we just released version 7.1 back in February, just 2 months ago, so you may wonder what we could possibly add in just 2 short months? The answer is 2 very highly requested features (not to mention 51 other enhancements), along with 24 fix/maintenance changes! We've been very busy the last 2 months and plan to keep the momentum going! Think of version 7.2 as a "stair-step" release, rather than waiting 1-2 years in between "major" feature releases: along the way we release these "stair-step" releases so that you can start using new features a lot sooner. It also makes updates easier when we release more often, as that usually means there are fewer "additional" steps required when you update (as long as you keep up to date with new versions).

  • Combined listing placement steps: The normal "category", "listing details", "media", and other steps can now be combined so that you enter everything on a single page! The admin may also choose to only combine certain steps.
  • Buy now only auctions - decrease quantity: Buy Now Only auctions now have the ability to decrease in quantity as individual items are purchased (by setting the price to apply to a "single item" instead of the "entire lot", when the auction is being created). For example, a seller could make available 10 widgets in total, and then a particular buyer could purchase 2 of them. The auction's remaining quantity would decrease to 8, with the auction closing automatically once all items have been sold.
  • Email Notification changes: New notifications may now be sent when a user's "favorite" listing is about to expire. Also, "listing filter" notifications have been combined into a single, periodic email (as opposed to a separate email for every matched listing).
  • In total, 53 features/enhancements, 24 fix/maintenance changes, all accounting for changes to 156 different template / design files! See the technical changelog for 7.2 for the full list of changes, and the information posted in the user manual for more detailed information about the release.

Note that the live demo will soon be updated so that you can check out the new features, or you can request your own personal trial demo as well.