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Developer Blog - Developer API Docs now available for Geocore!

Developers everywhere will be happy to hear that we now have developer API documentation (using PHPDocs), generated from the actual GeoCore source code. Developers, you can find them at

We have had PHP Docs generated in the past, as part of the example addon. But due to technical problems with the software used to generate them, we haven't been able to update them since around version 5. This marks the start of using PHPDocumentor 2, which you can find at With every new release, we plan to re-generate the documentation so that it is as up to date as possible.

Our standard practice for new methods, is to always document what version the method was added in. When something changes, we make sure to document the version for that as well. All of this version availability information can be found in the PHPDocs. So if you are working on something for a client that is using an older version, you can refer to the PHP Documentation to make sure the methods in GeoCore were actually "around" for the version the client is at, and be able to advise your client if they need to update to a newer version of the software. If you are a developer that creates/distributes 3rd party addons, this will help you identify what the "minimum version" is for your addon. Note that if an entire class is added in a specific version, it will note that on the class documentation, it won't mention it on each individual method.

Even if you are a developer that likes to use an IDE, and load the GeoCore software inside an IDE so that most of the API documentation is not needed, the generated PHPDocs can still be of some use to you. As you probably know, there are 2 files that are encoded for licensing purposes. The PHPDocs actually include documentation for all "publicly accessible" methods and classes contained in those files. So if you are following the code and come across something that is defined in an encoded file, you don't have to be totally in the dark about what it is doing, you can refer to the PHPDocs! As always, if you have any development questions not answered by the user manual, feel free to contact support and a Geodesic developer will try to help as best as possible.

If you are a developer and are new to GeoCore software, a good place to start is the developer section in the user manual, read over that section to familiarize yourself with how the software works.