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Version 7.1 "Final" is now available for download

We are pleased to announce the release of version 7.1, which has many improvements and new features, along with a fresh new design! Anyone that has GeoCore Classifieds, GeoCore Auctions, or GeoCore MAX will be able to download the new version with current download access.

Everyone should follow these instructions, regardless of whether or not you have already updated to GeoCore, or even if you do not currently have download access to the software. Just follow the full update instructions for step-by-step instructions that detail everything you need to do in order to update to the latest release. You just enter your "current" product and version, and it will give you full instructions, including how to upgrade to GeoCore if needed, and/or how to extend your download access if it is expired, even how to tell if it is expired if you are not sure! The update instructions will even highlight the steps that are unique to your update, such as "version specific" changes that might be required.

A few 7.1 highlights:

  • Fresh new design for the default templates, that uses HTML 5 and CSS 3. For those updating, can continue to use previous design, or switch to the new look.
  • New Browsing Views (Browse by list, gallery, or grid view) and Sort Dropdown.
  • Powerful {listing} Tag Feature - Virtually anything that can show on the listing details, can now show when browsing the site.
  • Category Browsing Filters - narrow listings based on filters, when browsing categories
  • jQuery Gallery Carousel for Featured Listings
  • Multiple Regions per Listing
  • Multi-Level Fields
  • Use "contact us" as an integrated "Report Abuse" Form for listings
  • Much, much more!

See the 7.1 Release Highlights for a more detailed list of highlights. For a full technical list of changes, see the 7.1 changelog, which now includes template changes! That is useful to anyone that has customized any system or module templates. For full technical details about the 7.1.0 release, see the user manual post.