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7.1 Beta is Available - Try out the latest and greatest

If you have not noticed already, we have recently released new beta versions for the upcoming 7.1. We have just released 7.1beta3 last week. Anyone with Geocore that wishes to try out the beta version, can find it for download in My Downloads, click on the downloads for Geocore, and you will see a folder named _Developer BETA Release.

Just keep in mind, this is a beta release. It is provided for anyone that has the time and desire to try out new features we are working on and give feedback. A beta release may not be as stable as the normal releases. We do not recommend it to be used on a live site, at least not until you have tested it for yourself on a test location. The Geocore license is able to be installed on 2 locations, one for your live site and one for testing purposes so that you can create a test installation to try things out if you wish. If you do not have a test installation yet, you can find instructions for creating one in our user manual here.

These are available to anyone with GeoCore Classifieds, GeoCore Auctions, or GeoCore MAX, and have a current download access. If you are still using the old GeoClassAuctions, GeoClassifieds, or GeoAuctions platform you can upgrade to GeoCore for no cost by clicking the "upgrade to Geocore" button when in the My Downloads section. For those that have Geocore and have expired download access, you can purchase download access renewal here. If you aren't sure, just try to download the beta version, if it allows you to download then you have current access.

You can see a few of the highlights for new features in the beta on the Software page, and a more technical explanation and discussion in the user forums.