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Forums now combined with client area

We have finished combining all of the different systems on our site, so that you have a single log-in for every area of the website. This includes the client area, the user forums, the user manual wiki, the helpdesk, and any other area requiring a login on our website. You can now log in using the "Client Log In" link at the top of each page, and it will log you into every area on the website. No more having to contact us to manually give a forum account access to the client section in the forums, it is now automatic. As long as you have purchased software from us in the past, you will be able to log in and view the client section of the forums.

The only exception is Bugzilla, where the login e-mail and password will be the same as the client area on our site, but you are not automatically logged into Bugzilla by logging into the client area. So the username/password you use to log into Bugzilla will be the same as it is for the client area, you just need to log into it separately from the client area.

Login Problems:

If you are having trouble logging into the client area on our site, follow the instructions below. These should help for the majority of login problems.

  1. First, clear your browser cookies to ensure you do not have any cookies stuck that might be preventing you from logging in correctly.
  2. Attempt to log into the client area, using your e-mail and password. Typically the e-mail will be what you entered when you purchased the software.
  3. If you are able to log in but have trouble with accessing the client section of the forums, or have any trouble related to the user forums, see the next section below.
  4. If it says that the login is not correct, use the Forgot your password? link. That will reset the password and send the new password to your e-mail address, use the password it sends to log in, then you can change your password once you are logged in
  5. If the forgot password tool says that the e-mail cannot be found, contact us to request what e-mail is used for your account. Make sure to provide information that we can find your account with, such as domain the software is currently installed on, or invoice ID of a past paid invoice, or something similar.
  6. If you are still not able to log in, contact us and we can try to help further. Note that live chat during our business hours is probably the easiest way for us to help since it allows us to walk you through different troubleshooting steps.

Forum User Accounts:

Note that forum registrations are now closed, the only way to get a forum user account is to purchase the software. The public areas of the forums (Such as announcements and new release info) will remain open and public to view, but to post you will need to be a Geodesic client.

Existing clients: Note the below about specific cases:

  • Forum accounts that had 0 posts or less were removed. If your account was one of those that were removed, the first time you log into the client area a new account will be created, and since you had 0 posts nothing was lost.
  • The e-mail is the primary piece of information we use to sync accounts between the forums and client area. As long as the e-mail matches, if you log into the client area you will also be logged into the forums with your existing account.
  • If it logs you in with a different username than you had before, and did have posts with the old username: Most likely your e-mail did not match in your forum account and the client area. If that is the case, contact us and we can manually sync your account for you. Do not fear, as long as you had at least 1 post your account and all your posts are still intact, you just need to contact us to manually sync your accounts.
  • Use the client-area password to log in! If you try to log into the forums and it says invalid username / password, do not keep trying or you will be locked out! Only try one more time, this time make sure to use the password that you use for the client area instead of the forum password, if you use 2 different passwords for those areas. If it still does not work, stop trying to log into the forums directly, instead switch to log into the client area (see the next point).
  • Do NOT keep trying to log into the forums if the first time does not work! The forums has a built-in security feature that stops people from trying to guess people's passwords, if you try more than 5 times in a row you will get locked out, and this is based on your IP so even if you change browsers it will still be locked out. Instead of trying to log into the forums directly, log into the client area on our site and you will automatically be logged into the forums as well.
  • If you do get locked out: Stop trying to log into the forums directly. Wait about 15 minutes, then follow the instructions further up in this article to log into the client area. When you log into the client area, it will automatically log you into the forums (as long as you are not still locked out). Note that we are not able to manually clear the locks as the forum administration has no way to manually clear the locks. Technically there is a way to do it, but involves modifying the database directly, and the process actually takes longer than the amount of time it takes for the lock to lift on it's own (15 minutes).
  • If forum username does not match with the client area username: As mentioned in one of the points above, the primary info it uses to sync accounts is the e-mail, so as long as the e-mail matches the login should work. However it may not work exactly right if the username does not match, if you experience any problems contact us and we can manually adjust your account so that everything matches between the different systems.
  • For those that have multiple forum accounts, for instance if your developer has a forum user account: Those alternate forum users would need to have matching "contact" added for your account in the client area. You can add contacts to your account by logging into the client area, and going to My Account, and click on the Contacts page. If you have trouble adding a contact, you may need to contact us to do it for you, for example if it says that the user already exists in the system.

    Just be aware that contacts are authorized to do almost everything you can do, only add people that you trust with that level of access to your account. If a user no longer requires access, for instance if your developer is finished working on your site, you are encouraged to remove that contact from your account.
  • Other problems: Since the different systems on our site were not synced before now, the information may not match between the different systems. This may cause odd problems like weird errors when you try to log in.