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GeoCore 7.0 Officially Released! Read for info about GeoCore.

Classifieds, Auctions, and Directory Website Software

"GeoCore is the culmination of more than a decade of constant software development by Geodesic Solutions"

Formerly Separate Products

GeoCore was formerly split into 3 products(GeoClassAuctions, GeoClassifieds, and GeoAuctions) with potentially 3 different editions(Enterprise, Premier, and Basic). Built-in features were in a tiered structure with individual pricing. The intention was to offer our customers products based on varying feature sets to meet their application needs along with their budgetary needs. Originally, in this business, this structure was the most common way to supply larger software. However, times have changed as they always do causing us to make changes as well. With GeoCore, we have restructured our software to be one single product with value added add ons. In the process of creating this single product, features associated with our Enterprise product line were removed and placed into 4 new add ons. By combining our software into one main package with add ons, the software becomes more flexible allowing us the opportunity to meet the needs of our customers even more effectively. We will not only be able to continue to offer the best software on the market for classifieds and auctions but there will be many future advantages as well. Most importantly, development with GeoCore moving forward will be much easier, faster, and more efficient. Improvements will be exponential and will affect security, performance, implementing cutting edge technology, etc... Even Support will be much improved. All of this, will trickle down to you offering you more opportunities for SUCCESS.

Support and Software Updates Improvements

Along with our changes to the software, we are also changing how we offer support and software updates. Previously, these were grouped together and only offered on a yearly basis. Support would expire with access to software updates yearly and could only be renewed together. Well, we heard you and recognize that sometimes you don't want support and only want the updates. Or vice versa. So, we split them into two separate attributes to your license. Also, prior to GeoCore, our support services were limited to an email/ticket management system only. Access to our support staff by email/ticket system expired along with updates. Now email/ticket support will NEVER expire!! On top of that we are now offering a NEW Premium Support option which will include Live Chat Support. Our developers and staff will be available for direct contact on any support related issues with this option. Additionally, having the premium support, your email support tickets will take priority. Software Updates will expire separately but you can rest assured that we are leaving it optional and you can renew access at any time.

"Our efforts have always been to supply the best online software for classified advertising and auctions. Moving forward our efforts will continue in that same direction"