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New Product Code-Named Geo-One BETA coming soon! (AKA GeoCore)

We are currently working on an exciting progression of the software, code-named GeoOne! In order to fast-track this new product, we will be releasing client preview Beta releases hopefully every 1-3 weeks, that any current customer of any of our products with a current support/update contract, will be able to download and try out. We expect to have the first Beta ready for testing as soon as 2 weeks. No date yet for when the final version will be out, as it is still too soon to predict accurately. But here is a hint: we would not be offering beta preview releases if the actual final release was close to being ready, so the final is still a ways out.

What is it you ask? As the code name might imply, we will reduce the products that we offer down to a single product, built on the shoulders of our current GeoClassAuctions Enterprise.

Stay Tuned for future developments! Discussion about this new product can be found in this forum post.

Update: The product is now officially released, officially named GeoCore! (The GeoOne name was just the "code name" used early in development before we had finalized the product name)