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Special Note for Updates from Geo 3.1 to 4.0 and using 2Checkout gateway

This is a notice to anyone using the 2Checkout payment gateway, and is going to, or has recently updated from Geo version 3.1.* or before, to Geo 4.0.*. Be sure to follow the steps listed below to ensure that your site can still "receive the signal" properly from 2checkout when a payment is successful (These changes are only needed in Geo versions 4.0.9 and before):

  1. Be sure to update the Geo software to the latest version of 4.0, currently 4.0.9.
  2. Log into your admin panel, and go to Payments > Payment Gateways.
  3. Click configure next to 2Checkout to bring up the settings for the gateway.
  4. Ensure that the settings are set correctly, if not correct them with the values needed.
  5. Near the bottom of the "configure" window will be a URL that ends in: process_transaction.php?gateway=twocheckout Keep track of the entire URL, it will be specific to your Geo installation. You will be using it in a few steps. Also, note that the rest of the instructions on that page in the Geo admin panel are a little out-dated, see below for the rest of the updated instructions.
  6. Log into 2Checkout Vendor area at
  7. In the tabs at the top, navigate to Account > Site Management.
  8. In the section Direct Return, where is says something similar to "After completing an order, buyers should be:", change the selected option to "Immediately returned to my website" if it is not already.
  9. For the Approved URL, enter the URL from the Geo admin, the one I talked about in step 5 above. This URL has changed in 4.0 so be sure you update it, the "old" URL from Geo 3.1.* ends in cc_process_2checkout.php, you will be replacing this URL with the new one.
  10. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.

Note that normally these type of needed changes will be mentioned in the release notes for a release and/or in the new release information forum post, not as a major topic on our blog. This time is a special case since we were only recently made aware of the needed changes. I wanted to make sure the word got out to anyone using 2checkout since it is not in our normal documentation.

(Thanks Sonia for bringing this to our attention!)

UPDATE:: [07/07/2009] The 2CO vendor admin panel "layout" has significantly changed since the steps in the Geo admin panel were last updated. The instructions above now reflects the most recent 2CO vendor admin panel layout.