GeoCore Release Notes


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in GeoCore v17!!!

v17 Release Notes Highlights...
Version 17 has been in the works since October 2016. We have concentrated the whole of our efforts into providing an optimal user experience. Your visitors will see visually appealing browsing pages, listing pages with the ability to rate and provide seller feedback, and a mobile viewing experience second to none.
Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have!

Admin Panel Extreme Makeover
GeoCore boasts the most robust and mobile friendly admin panel available for classifieds and auctions websites. Attractive colors and intuitive page layouts allow you to easily navigate the 1000's of switches and settings that are available to you while setting up and administering your site.

NEW FREE ADDON - Profile Pictures
The Profile Pictures feature now allows you and your site users to upload a profile pic that will be displayed on various pages throughout the site. The profile pic upload process allows the user to choose an image from their pc and crop it to the proper size to fit the page. This feature is also set up to work with the Multi-Admin feature so that each of your site admin users can also upload a pic and see that profile pic above the main menu while browsing the GeoCore admin panel.

Minimum Price Setting
Site admin can now force a "minimum price" to be entered into the price field during the seller's listing process.

Search by Start Date Setting
Added the ability to search by "Start Date" to the Search form.

PHP7 Compatibility
GeoCore is now fully compatible to work on hosting servers running PHP7.

Mobile Detect Update
Updated Mobile Detect to latest which allows checking for newer model phones/tablets.

NEW FREE ADDON - Price Drop Auctions
With this addon enabled, sellers of Buy Now Only Auctions will be able to select an option to activate Price Dropping. Price Dropping allows the system to automatically lower the auction's price as time passes without it being purchased. The Price Drop can be set to happen at random intervals or it can be set to admin specified windows of time and percentages.

GeoCore is now compatible with Payment Gateway.

CommWeb Gateway Upgrade
Updated CommWeb payment gateway to reflect API changes

Admin Text Export/Import Revamped
Many enhancements to the text export/import routine further enhancing the software's ability to accommodate international sites and those sites offering multiple languages.

Enhanced Stats Display
Admin home page now has additional stats, as well as, quick access to recent orders and users. Orders have a preview window to view contents of the order.

Many User Management Enhancements
The Admin User Search page has been completely revamped to allow for easier searching of users in the system. Remove user process has been revamped. Search Users results table is now sortable. User profile page completely redesigned and now works with the new Profile Pic enhancement. Added Search box at the top of the List Users page.

Admin Page Navigation Preserved After Session Timeout
Previously, after completing a login following a session timeout, you would be returned to the admin landing page (usually the Admin Home screen), no matter which link you had clicked to trigger the new session. Now, however, the link you click will be remembered, and you will log in directly to the appropriate page.

GeoCore continues to grow by leaps and bounds with each new version!

Check out these other incredible features added in recent versions...

Default Template Redesigned and Optimized for PC's, Tablets, and Mobile Phones
GeoCore uses a "default" template set (theme) that can either be used "as is" to launch your site, or it can be edited, or even completely replaced with your own design if you like. Regardless of how you choose to use GeoCore, the default template serves as a solid base model to build an attractive, and easy-to-use, classified ad and/or auction website for the website owner with little to no website experience. Furthermore, the default theme offers your site visitors a memorable mobile experience, that will not only keep them coming back to your site again and again, but will also have them sharing your site with their family and friends.

Bootstrap Glyphicons (Icons)
GeoCore now offers attractive glyphicons (Icons) integrated into its pages provided free to use by the makers of bootstrap. Easily edit the size and color of these icons or replace with alternative icons found on the website.

Mobile Design Enhancements
Glyphicons are now embedded into the mobile viewing dropdown feature in the header of the page. Additionally, numerical "badges" are now displayed next to various menus with an associated number value so that the user can see how many items they have in that menu... for example, # of Active Listings, # of Messages, etc. Items requiring a user's attention will display a "red" badge.

All New Attention Getters
Attention Getters now appear over the top of thumbnail images while browsing the site and in a banner format, for a more streamlined and clean finish.

StoreFront Templates
The overall StoreFront template has been redesigned for a more professional appearance. Additionally, we now provide you with several new StoreFront templates to offer your customers. They will appear in the StoreFront owner's control panel and in a variety of color themes for them to choose from.

Geographic Navigation Enhancement
When viewing on a mobile device, the Geographic (Region) selector now appears as a dropdown just below your site's header. This allows the visitor to choose which region they want to browse, regardless of what page they are on the site. Once selected, the dropdown hides conveniently back at the top of the screen, and displays the currently selected region.

Mini-Cart Enhancement
Similar to the "Region" selector mentioned above, when a visitor is browsing their "My Account" pages, the dropdown will automatically display their "mini-cart" rather than the "Region". This serves as a reminder to them if they have an item in their cart.

Logo Hidden on Mobile Subpages
When viewing on a mobile device, your site logo will now only display on the front page. When the user navigates to subpages, the logo is hidden from view to free up space on the mobile device for an optimal viewing experience.

Site URL
We have embedded a "Site URL" tag into various templates of the software. This tag will automatically display the URL of your site wherever the tag is used. This feature serves as a significant time-saver when you are setting up your site. It keeps you from having to enter your website's URL into various templates, such as the user agreement, footer, header, signs and flyers, etc. Instead, by default, your site's URL is automatically inserted. Note that you can also edit the field itself to display whatever text you like if you do not want your Site URL to be used.

Revamped Browsing/Search Pages
Browsing pages such as browsing categories and Search results pages now display the popular "Grid", "Gallery" and "List" views. Additionally, the seller's "City", "Date Listed/Date Ends", and listing "Rating" display at the bottom of each listing as a quick reference for the visitor browsing your site.

Mass Delete Users
Admin can now purge (mass delete) those users who have not logged in since a given date.

Ability to sort Browsing Filters
Browsing Filters are now sortable. (GeoCustomer Requested Enhancement!)

SEO Enhancement
Allow displaying of the parent category name as part of rewritten URLs (GeoCustomer Requested Enhancement!). Also, each category may now have a custom name for use specifically in rewritten URLs.

Gateway Added
CommWeb VPC has now been added to the already existing 20+ GeoCore Payment Gateways (Sponsored).

Enhanced the Listing Placed Email Notification
Added more information to the listing placement successful email to the admin user to include more information about the listing (title, category and description) as well as order it, gateway used and transaction id within the Geo system.

Free Storefronts Setting per Price Plan
Admin can now create a Price Plan that allows for Storefronts to be free to all instead of requiring the seller to purchase a subscription.

Share Final Fees with Other Users
This feature allows the seller of an auction on the site to share a percentage of their final fee with another user on the site. This feature could be especially useful for charity type sites. It could also be used as a form of applying affiliate commissions from one user to another.

Added "bump" (start time) Reset for Live Listings
This feature gives the client the ability to reset the start date/time for their currently live listings.

Enhanced Title Module
The Title Module may now have category-specific values rather than a site wide setting. Also, Added ability to display selected language within title module for pages in the system.

AdPlotter Enhancements
Added an Advanced Settings page to the adplotter addon's admin, which contains a single setting that allows picking the default user group that should be used when new users are registered over the AdPlotter API. Also, listings sent over the AdPlotter API now have their own "success" email and text.

Bulk Uploader Enhancement
Multi-Part uploads may now be terminated before they have run their complete course

AdPlotter Integration
Software is now integrated with AdPlotter, provider of listing feeds to populate your site with listings, in an exclusive arrangement with Geodesic Solutions.

Enhanced Subscription Process
If the software is set to allow subscriptions, when a user registers, instead of redirecting them to "my account", the software will now automatically start the "extend subscription" process so that it is one "fluid" feeling process.

"Messages Sent" Added
Included software messaging system now tracks messages sent, as well as, as message received, for easier message management.

More Gateways Added
PayPal Payments Advanced, and Beanstream have now been added to the already existing 20+ GeoCore Payment Gateways.

Addon Enhancements
Enhancements to the Bulk Uploader, including local tokenization for remote images, as well as, logo enhancements to the Storefront Addon.

Image Rotator
Users can now rotate their photos after uploading them during the listing process.

Unlimited Listing Duration
Users can now post listings and set the "Duration" to "Unlimited" so that the listing will not expire.

New Image Gallery Feature
Created a new image gallery feature with optimized thumbnail sizes.

Enhanced Mobile Features
Updated Mobile Detect 3rd Party Library to v2.8.13 and added tablet detection variable to templates.

On websites using this feature, users will be able to securely and easily verify they are human without actually having to solve a CAPTCHA image. Instead, with just a single click, they will confirm they are not a robot. If the system detects a potential robot, an image will be displayed for further manual confirmation.

User Rating System
All new user rating system that allows a buyer to rate any seller regardless of listing type, auction or classified. It will use a 5-star scale and shows the seller's average site rating. However, a 'logged in' user will instead see the last rating that they themselves gave that seller (similar to the way star ratings work on Netflix).

>>>WOW!!!<<< Option Groups for Seller/Buyer
Typically used for "Buy Now Only" listings, during listing placement, the seller can now add a new "option group" such as "Shirt Size", and then set the options to "small", "medium" and "large". Each option can have its own price that gets added to the total cost if the buyer selects that option. The seller can then add more "option groups", such as "shirt color" with options "red", "green", "yellow", etc. and again set a cost for that option. See our Feature Management Utility for more information on this feature.

User Import Utility
Ability for admin to bulk upload users into the system.

Hide (Disable) Categories
Ability to temporarily disable categories on your site so that you can manage subcategories and category specific questions without your site visitors accessing those particular categories.

Charge per Word
Ability for you to charge your sellers "per word" entered into their listing.

Added Pagination to Browsing Modules
Browsing modules, such as "newest listings" and "hottest listings", now use AJAX to retrieve listings beyond their initial display limits without reloading their pages. For example, if you specify to only display "10" hottest listings on the page, the pagination feature allows the visitor to view beyond just those initial 10 listings by reloading the results via pagination.

User can "No-Show" Contact Seller and Seller's Other Listings Fields
Ability for seller to disable "contact seller" and/or "view seller's other listings" on individual listings during the listing process.

Enhanced Contact Forms
Open the contact seller, notify friend and flag listing forms as an ajax overlay on the site.

Thumbnail Image Hover Effect
Added hover trigger effect to gallery thumbnails on listing display page so that the thumbnail will automatically display as the enlarged image.

Move a Category
Ability for you to move a category under another main category and include all of the listings along with it.

Mobile Friendly Features
The main focus for version 7.3 is mobile-friendly features!

New Responsive Web Design (RWD) Based Theme
The entire design has been changed to use RWD, so that the layout and design elements respond to look the best they can on the device, whether a mobile phone, tablet, Google TV, Wall Screen, or anything in between.

In other words, get the full desktop "power" packed into a size and layout that responds and works great on any device, no matter how large or small!

New HTML5 Image Uploader
To compliment the other mobile-friendly features, the software now uses an HTML5 image uploader, which means it will work on any modern smart phone or tablet that supports HTML5 uploads. That means you can upload images from your iPhone or android device!

Dedicated Mobile Templates "Capable"
The default design uses RWD, so it uses a single set of templates that respond to the device, the default does not use "mobile only" templates. But we realize that some may still wish to use mobile-only templates, instead of or in addition to a RWD based design. So we've added that as a choice within the software: The software has ability to use "mobile only" or "desktop only" templates if you wish to. See our Design Philosophy page in the user manual for more information about that.

Optimized Page Speed
The new version includes options to minify, compress, and combine the common CSS and JS files, along with other optimization options. These optimizations make the software load much faster on mobile devices, making for a much better experience for mobile visitors on your site. And of course desktop users will benifit from the speed improvements as well!

New Place A Listing Process
We've made the "page to page" process of inserting a listing into the system much more admin configurable. You can make the place a listing process one page or combine two or more consecutive pages of the process into one. You can even have the software skip the cart if the currently placed listing will be free.

New Buy Now Item Feature
You can now sell individual items from a buy now auction type format instead of the buy now bid purchasing the full amount of items. You no longer need to create separate buy now item listing for each individual item you wish to sell. Within this new feature your clients can click to buy and then enter an amount of the whole to purchase. The listing will stay open until the full quantity of items in the listing have been purchased.

New Browsing Views and Sort Dropdown
Your site visitors will now have three options for viewing listing results while browsing categories. Gallery, List, and Grid views are easily accessed with the simple click of an icon. As always, these views are html template based, so you can customize which fields get displayed and where, by editing the templates for each. Additionally, a "sort" dropdown has been added for additional browsing convenience.

Powerful {listing} Tag Feature
Massive development overhaul that allows you to essentially take any data that is ordinarily displayed on a listing display page and place it on your browsing categories pages for each listing... Google Maps, thumbnail images & YouTube videos open in Lightbox, Contact Seller link, etc... TRUE DESIGN FLEXIBILITY!!!

Category Browsing Filters
The new (and FREE) Core Display Addon allows site visitors to browse your site's categories and fine-tune their browsing results by clicking 'filters' that will appear on the left of the screen. This will help them to really target the product or service they are seeking.

jQuery Gallery Carousel for Featured Listings
Your sellers will enjoy extra exposure for their featured listings as they scroll across the screen drawing the attention of potential buyers. With GeoCore's Smarty Template structure you have the flexibility to override the admin settings with your own settings directly in the template for a truly custom display, such as number of columns and thumbnail sizes!

Multiple Regions per Listing
Your sellers can now choose multiple regions to associate their listing with, thus expanding their potential exposure to buyers. Additionally, you can charge sellers for those additional regions selected if you choose to.

Report Abuse Form
New Report Abuse form allows visitors to quickly and easily report listings to you that are deemed suspicious.

Multi-Level Fields
Create groups of fields that have parent/child dependencies (levels). So, once an item is selected from a dropdown, its child dropdown automatically populates with the appropriate fields for that parent. Example: Choose an Auto Maker from the parent dropdown, and its child dropdown will refresh to display appropriate Models. These fields will be used throughout your site including the Listing Process and Search Processes. A convenient "batch upload" feature allows you to easily populate an unlimited number of groups with unlimited levels.