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    Red face Learn some HTML5 and CSS3

    Learning some HTML and CSS will be a big help when making changes to your websites layout. Check out some of these videos to get you pointed in the right direction, hosted with

    CSS Layouts

    * Defining a fixed pixel css layout.
    * Learning the universal selector and how to use it.
    * Creating and centering the container DIV.
    * Creating the header.
    * Creating the footer.
    * Creating the sidebars.
    * Learn how to use margins, percentages and padding in CSS layouts.
    * The CSS layouts source code is included.

    CSS Lists and Navigation

    * Introduction
    * Defining Your Site
    * Styling Lists
    * Vertical Navigation
    * Vertical Navigation with Images
    * Vertical Navigation Pixy Method
    * Vertical Navigation in Layout
    * Horizontal Navigation: Part 1
    * Horizontal Navigation: Part 2

    Get Started Today!
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