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    Cool Category Setup Video Tutorial

    This video is going to take you deep into the category setup for the software. It is packed full of information from beginning to end. The power that is in the Category Setup demands attention. Strengthen your knowledge in this area, and strengthen your website in ALL areas! Pick up a copy for yourself!

    This video is approximately 2 hr and 5 minutes long.(as with any large video packs, this one may take several minutes to download) It is packed with such a wealth of knowledge that is sure to sharpen your control over the category setup feature. Here is what you can expect to learn about:

    How to add a category
    How to delete or edit a category
    How to create subcategories
    How to add, edit, delete category specific questions
    How to add, edit, delete category specific durations
    Learn what the additional links at the bottom of the category setup page do
    How to add an icon to any category or subcategory
    How category specific questions display on the Listing display page, and how they interact within the advanced search page.
    How to manipulate the availability of certain Category Specific Fields in different areas of the software
    and much more...
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