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    Thumbs up Oodle Client Addon from Geomodules

    Oodle Client Addon from Geomodules

    Geomodules Oodle Client Addon for Version 5

    ADDON INFO: The Geomodules Oodle Client Addon lets you publish listings from to populate one or more of your Geodesic categories with ads from Oodle. This is a great way to populate your site with ads if you are still building your seller membership. This Addon also provides content for the search engines to index when they crawl your site.

    Author's tag name: geo_modules
    Addon Folder Location: addons/GeoModules_Oodle_display/
    Compatiblility: All Geodesic version 5 products

    PRICE: $249.99 USD

    1. User friendly no php editing at all. Just click and select.
    2. Auto Detect - Detects automatically your categories to oodle categories
    3. If category match is not found you simply click to assign.
    4. Displays up to 50 ads per category from oodle
    5. Set the Country of the ads to display
    6. Set the distance of ads to display.
    7. Images From Oodle are displayed in Ad
    8. Images have alt title tags on each one
    9. If no image we place a no image graphic and drop the title on it.
    10. Will Also allow you dislay ads from a category by keyword

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    This is an interesting add-on, but when you click the item you've imported from oodle, it takes the visitor away from your site and over to the oodle website. Of course I understand why it's done like this, but what's the value in that to us? Won't the visitor get annoyed by this and just stay at oodle and list their item there?

    Is anyone using this add-on that could comment on how this add-on is working for them in the real world?

    I'm interested, but would like some discussion about it before making a decision.


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    The addon is designed by oodles rules. many have asked me to remove the oodle LOGO which is against the rules of oodle. how ever I did use the smallest logo I can.

    The idea behind this is to help with categories not receiving ads. As each category starts to receive ads you turn it back slowly. Only placing 10 ads to show from oodle then 5 to finally none.

    it does open a new page when the user click to view an ad from oodle so when they close it they are back on your site. Now it depends on the user for example a user comes to the site an now see ads in every category. they don't notice the oodle logo and think I need to place my ad here. So they register and place.

    now another way like you are saying the user clicks oodle will they not leave and not come back. hard to say really they could. OR they may very well place on both after all the more people that see the better. geodesic now has a submit to oodle so your ads are on oodle too. With so many sites pulling and sending to oodle they are doing the same for you at no cost.
    Walmart actually runs oodle for thier own classifieds. So if your submitting ads with geodesic addon and someone is on Walmart classifieds and they click they now come to your site.

    When a user comes to a site and only see 1 or 2 ads they are not going to the post that much is true. When they see ads in every category it will prompt registration. When a site is brand new don't even worry about sending traffic somewhere else. Your object is make the site look as full as possible an seo like crazy. U have 15 secs maybe less to get the user. A user may click 1 or 2 times on categories and then be gone. if they see content of oodle ads when they click a category they will stay long. if you can keep the user past the 15 secs then you very well will have them placing an ad.

    So at first your just after ads. Setting ads to expire say in 7 days you should not do. Set them to 6 months. Get the ads first. Then when you have the ads you can now tailor it better.

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    I agree with Lance. Our clients who have purchased and enabled our Oodle Addon have found it to really provide a "full" site for them when some catgories have few/no native ads.

    Interactive Villages LLC
    Custom modules, programming and hosting for all Geodesic products!

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