Count Down Addon

ADDON INFO: Module sits where expired date is on ad. Live timer to get users excited about auction. Users want to hurry and register.

AUTH TAG: GeoModules_Auction_Timer

ADDON FOLDER NAME: addons/GeoModules_Auction_Timer/

URL TO DOWNLOAD/PURCHASE: Download / Purchase Here

PRICE OF ADDON: $149.00 US Dollars

COMPATIBLE WITH: All Geodesic version 5 products

When your users see the clock counting down they will want to bid! The clock draws attention to how much time is left. Prompting the user to hurry and register and BID!.

* Does not affect upgrades (addon)
* Works in all country's

* Everything controlled in admin
* If you mess the counter up we have setting to set it to default.
* A must for anyone running and Auctions