We've just completed three more addons for sale to any smart Geodesic publisher. In addition, we've been busy this Summer finishing a few more. You can get a full description on our newly-designed Joomla web site at http://www.interactivevillages.com/g...rsion-5-addons. Most of our addons are installed at out Geodesic demo site at http://www.interactivevillages.com/g.../classauctions

  1. More Seller Listings Addon
  2. Recently Viewed Addon
  3. Related Listings Addon
  4. Google Map Addon
  5. Member Feedback Addon
  6. Classified Buy Now Gateway Addon
  7. Block Countries Addon
  8. Self Upgrade Addon
  9. IP2 Country Addon
  10. Pop Up Calendar Addon
  11. Oodle Client Addon
  12. SEO MetaTag Addon
  13. Unlimited Extra Pages
  14. Dropdown AJAX Category Selector Addon
  15. Image Optimization Addon

...and don't forget about our new OLX-style Smarty Template!