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    Arrow Multi-Admin Video Tutorial

    If you have ever thought about purchasing the Multi-Admin addon, this video may help in your decision.

    This addon is bursting with so much value and potential, it is unreal.

    Seriously, if the workload starts to become too much...delegate!!! Setup a few extra admins; people you trust. Share the responsibility.
    This addon is so flexible that you can allow or deny permissions per administration section, per user! You still retain ultimate control. However, you can even setup a "SuperUser" who has the same rights as you do.

    Do not overlook this addon, it offers too much to turn down!

    Get this video, see what i'm talking about for yourself. You can then make an educated decision in your purchase. In this video tutorial, I'll show you how to set up admin groups, and assign admin users to those groups. Then, we will look at how to assign permissions to user groups and to the individuals inside those user groups!

    Get your copy, and watch as I flex the muscle of the ever modest, Multi-Admin Addon!

    This tutorial sells for a nominal price of $9.99. Run time of appoximately 30 minutes.

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