We are pleased to announce our first Extensible Addon which takes advantage of the extensibility features of the Geodesic Addon architecture. We currently sell the IP To Country Addon which let's you map a country flag to the visitors IP address and show this on any page of your Geodesic installation. We now offer the first extension to this Addon called the Block Countries Extension. The Block Countries Extension allows you to block or allow any country and redirect the blocked visitor to another page url.

When you purchase our IP2Country Addon, you can purchase and install any extensions which we develop for it. In addition to the Block Countries Extension, we plan to provide more extensions, such as one that provides for dynamic language or template changes based on the visitor's country.

Our new extension technology provides powerful extendability to the Geodesic Addon architecture and we intend to implement this in our other addons in the future so that clients can purchase only what they need, when they need it.

We currently offer the addon and extensions as separate products as well as a bundled package. To purchase these and other addons or extensions, please browse to http://www.geodesicaddons.com


Bob Malecki