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    Default 4.1.1 Released (Maintenance Release)

    Version 4.1.1 is now available for download in the client area of our site. This is primarily a maintenance release to fix a few minor problems found in 4.1.0. The main fixes are with category browsing sorting issues, an issue with Paypal payments, and an issue for Premier editions using subscription based pricing. See the release notes for more info.

    Do NOT attempt to update if your Support & Updates service has expired! See this release note for the full details.

    Refer to this post for more information on our version number schema, and specifically what we mean when we say that this is a "Maintenance Release".

    Who Should Update
    This is a recommended update for sites on 4.1.0. It contains fixes only, nothing security related.

    Code modifications: As always, if you have any PHP code modifications, to update you will need to re-apply those changes after you update, and custom code modifications are not supported in the helpdesk system. Keep this in mind when deciding whether you want to update or not.

    Addon Developers: We now have developer-oriented "changes to note" geared toward external Addon developers, see changes to note in the developer section of the wiki for that.

    Template FILE modifications: I'm referring to using a custom template set with changes to system or module templates, located in the geo_templates/ directory, not changes to the main templates. For such modifications, see this page for notes on changes to those template files in the new versions. Also follow the updating tips in Customizing System or Module Templates for the smoothest update possible when there are customized system/module templates at stake.

    High traffic sites For high traffic sites, it is recommended to first test the update on a test location, so that the update on the live site is as seamless as possible.

    Software Update Cost
    If you have purchased the software within the last year, this will be a free software update. If you are outside of your 1 year of downloads, or are not sure, contact the sales department at to get a free price quote.

    Geo Client Area
    If you do not have an account to log into the client area, you will need to be added to our new client area in order to download the new version. Send the following details to when you are requesting the software update:
    First Name:
    Last Name:
    USA State:
    Non-USA Province:
    Zip / Postal Code:
    E-mail Address:
    Release Notes:

    Read the release notes for information on new features and bug fixes in the linked page.

    Changed Files:
    • admin/admin_classauction_tools.php
    • admin/admin_messaging_class.php
    • admin/admin_site_configuration_class.php
    • admin/AJAXController/homeLicense.php
    • admin/templates/clearLicense.tpl
    • admin/templates/developer_add_text.tpl
    • admin/templates/disallowed_html.tpl
    • admin/templates/notifications.tpl
    • admin/templates/side_menu/page.tpl
    • classes/browse_ads.php
    • classes/browse_affiliate_ads.php
    • classes/browse_affiliate_display_ads.php
    • classes/browse_display_ad_full_images.php
    • classes/browse_display_ad.php
    • classes/browse_displays_sellers_ads.php
    • classes/browse_featured_pic_ads.php
    • classes/browse_featured_text_ads.php
    • classes/browse_newest_ads.php
    • classes/browse_notify_friend.php
    • classes/browse_notify_seller.php
    • classes/browse_sellers.php
    • classes/browse_vote.php
    • classes/order_items/subscription.php
    • classes/payment_gateways/paypal.php
    • classes/php5_classes/Browse.class.php
    • classes/php5_classes/Cart.class.php
    • classes/php5_classes/DataAccess.class.php
    • classes/php5_classes/DataAccess.class.zend.php
    • classes/php5_classes/Image.class.php
    • classes/php5_classes/Order.class.php
    • classes/php5_classes/products.php
    • classes/php5_classes/products.zend.php
    • geo_templates/default/external/css/order_items/images/upload_images.css
    • geo_templates/default/system/browsing/common/listing_set.tpl
    • geo_templates/default/system/order_items/images/image_box.tpl
    • js/prototype.js

    Update Instructions:
    Perform the update as specified in the User Manual.

    Example Addon:
    The Example Addon is used by developers as a starting point and as "working documentation" to build 3rd party addons.

    The Example Addon is now updated for Geo 4.1, the example addon version 2.1 is the one to use for Geo 4.1 versions.

    You can get the example addon (instructions may change):
    1. Purchase the example addon (for free) in the cart, by logging into the client area, and viewing the details of an enterprise order, find the link that says "Buy new addons, support and upgrade packages" and click on it.
    2. Go to the order details page for the order you just purchased.
    3. There should be a download for the example addon on this page.

    If you have any problems, start a support ticket, or post a reply to this thread.

    • Troubleshooting will be located in the tools available in the support section of our site, the main resource being the updates user manual. Currently there are no troubleshooting tips specifically for this release.
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