client provided look he wanted and we coded it exactly to the look he wanted. Also running stealth SEO and Youtube addon with in the site. done with html 2.0 all DIV tags for better seo running most of geomodules addons. XXX site.

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Hosting is offered but only to people who understand the basics of how to setup there email accounts. Are servers are dedicated and built with another box so DDOS attacks can not take a site down. 1 server and firebox setup cost $3000.00 to setup. Most hosting companies place 500 and more sites on one box. We do not put more then 30 people to a box. This insures high speed and the servers are all setup for geodesic to run perfectly. Extended time so users can upload more then a few images etc... There is no limits to anything except bandwidth. You can have 50 domains if you like. All your sites controled in one easy to use control panel.

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Stop struggling with geodesic. Average person takes 1 to 3 months with phone support at there finger tips.