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    Default Switch to New Forums

    We've just moved over to use vBulletin as some of you may have noticed. This is a move that has been planned for a while now (we actually purchased vBulletin for this very purpose over a year ago ). The main reason for the move, is to give us more powerful controls than was available with PhpBB2. Now that we have more advanced options, we can control who can do what, so we can allow things like file uploads, PM'ing, etc. that were not available before due to abuse from spammers.

    With these new forums come a few changes:
    • All active users imported to new forums: Your same user/pass should still work. If you haven't posted in a very long time, you may need to request to be in the "license holder" group to have access to the client section of the forums. Most were automatically added to the "verified license holder" group.
    • Forum structure changed: Removed a lot of redundant sections and consolidated posts into the appropriate places. Also added a few new sections in the forums, some of them are specifically for features that will be in the upcoming Geo 4.0, such as the "Template Sets" section, which is an area for template designers to showcase template designs they are selling or providing for free.
    • Registration is automatic, with e-mail verification turned on.
    • Registered users are not automatically given access to the Client section. For that, they must request to be in the verified license holder user group.
    • PM enabled for verified license holders (if that doesn't work, PM me so I can fix it )
    • The use of Avatars are enabled for verified license holders. There are a few Geo-oriented avatars to choose from, and we have also allowed custom avatars.
    • File uploads enabled for verified license holders.

    There are many other changes you will notice. If you have any questions or feedback about the new forums, feel free to post
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    Default Enabled another feature

    I enabled user reputations on the forums, it looks like a very valuable feature if it's used well. Registered Geo license holders should now be able to rate a post, and that affects the user's reputation level. For instance, if you see that a certain user tends to help out a lot in the forums, you might add positive reputation for that user.

    Like all the other little extras in the forums, we'll try it out for a while and see if it is having a good impact on the forums or not.
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