Hi Everyoone,

I purchased Enterprise Classifieds and needed some work done. I got in touch with http://www.PrecisionMoney.com and guy called Fahmi Slail.

The work was fast, efficent, professional and better than i thought.

Apart from small works the major work done was:

I wanted to predefine the title for certain categries and subcategries on my art classifieds site. I had the list of about 10,000 artists. It was done in 3 days, as promissed.

The artist is searched in title box with Ajax, type 3 letters and drop down comes. You sellect the artist and it populates title and you can't change or edit.

Second, if the artist is not in the list, the form drops to submit inclusion in the list with name of the artist, little description and picture submission.

User can't edit those details.

In admin area i can search artist, delete, add new, search by surname, first name etc.

Absolutely brilliant. Lot better than i ever thought.

I can highly recomend them for all the work.

My web site is http://australianart.com.au/artclassifieds/index.php

Please feel free if you want me to confirm personaly what i said here and email me.

I wish i have some shares in such hghly motivated business.

Vasa Carapic