Many do not consider this because they feel the host is doing there backups for them. When actually THIS IS NOT TRUE.

But before I get into this I want to explain the different type of backups.

Many hosts will do a backup of the entire system. They do this in case the hard drive crashes. Most dump the site to a 2nd hard drive. But if you do something on your site or just your data is lost you are basically OUT OF LUCK. This form of back up is to get the host back up with the least amount of of stress.

So if your database or files get corrupt and no one else does then you will LOOSE it all. 99% of all HOSTS do not have this. If you ask them about it then you will get another charge and then your not sure.


Almost 1 time every month someone calls me and tells me they lost everything. if you have a dedicated and your hard drive burns then you are really out of luck. Your starting from scratch. YOU MUST HAVE PROPER BACKUPS No one can work magic from nothing.

I sat down and looked at my backup I have setup on my server. I have it setup where if the hard dies I can have everyone backup in and hour or less. But what happens if just 1 database gets corrupt?
I would have to access my 2nd HD and restore everyone. Which does not make other people happy. So it was time to sit and read. I needed a better system then this.

###### THE PERFECT SYSTEM ######
1) backup all files on server
2) backup all databases on server
3) FTP these files to another server
4) FTP these files to a home system.

With this setup no matter what happens I have a back up in 2 locations but my 2nd drive. I have a backup on another server and then I have a backup on a computer at the home.

#### What if the client needs a file ####
So now I just need to check my home system and get the information and send them what they need. So I am able to do a complete restore of one domain or one file.


When a folder has to many files in it you will not be able to FTP the files. There is just to many files. So if your IMAGE folder has 500 images you may only see 100 images for example. So when you FTP(download) these files you will not get all the images. So you will never GET A PROPER BACKUP! The only way to get a proper backup is to have ROOT ACCESS which means now your at a prompt very much like DOS.

With a dedicated server you have this. With a shared server you do not. if you have 10,000 images on a shared server in order to get these you will need to ask the company to TAR this folder. Which means ZIP the images folder up. But you can not ask them this all the time. So having a dedicated is the best way to go or to host from someone who has a dedicated and complete control. Like myself. SHARED HOSTS will never get you a proper backup.

So I have decided to OFFER anyone running a DEDICATED SERVER or is HOSTING with me the perfect backup solution. If your hosting from me this is already done.

So you have a dedicated server but how safe is it? Here what I will do for you.

1) Install Scripts that will complete the following.

a) Sunday do a complete backup of all sites, files, databases
b) Monday To Saturday backup files that are new.
c) Ftp this information to another server I own.
d) Ftp these files to my home system
e) You will be emailed on each backup

How much does it cost?
$100.00 setup fee to setup scripts and test. Then there is a monthly fee which can be from $25.00 and up per month depending on how much has to be backed up.

Any time you request the backup there is a FEE for the time to go get it. Which is a $50.00 charge for getting what you need and sending it to you. You also have the option having a CD mailed to you each month or each week depending on your needs. 1 CD mailed each month would cost $25.00.

I can NOT STRESS this enough. If your site is Rocking and your on a shared host move to a dedicated or contact me on hosting needs. If your on a MANAGED DEDICATED SERVER Call them 3 different times and make sure your system is being backed up properly. If your on a DEDICATED SERVER and you have to do all work then contact me on protecting your information.

For what it will cost you for a 2nd server this service will pay for itself. Remember everything is moved to another server so your protected. PELASE!!! Do not wait until your HD crashes I see it happen all the time. Contacting me to fix your site after a HD crash really is to late.

if you can get your hands on the HD and no one has ran scandisk or other write disk programs on it you can usually send it to a company to get the information from. This will cost you from $1500.00 and up. How ever most companies will not mail you the HD. They say its because of security purpose. If you happen to find one that will then they will usually charge some out rages amount for the HD. You will be down for 2 weeks or more.

Computers are very delicate. Be smart and perform PROPER backups on a regular basis. or in the end you will be very stressed and angry with yourself.

CONTACT GEOMODULES today and find out how you can protect your data.