We have finally completed the GEO BROWSE module...

For a long time you were restricted to just dispaying ads with in your installed directory...

You can now display a block of thumb and titles on other sites...

this means if you have a group of domains you can now have an image block on that site driven from one geoclassifieds install.

You can click the thumb nail and it will take you back to the site.

you create a index.php on one of your domains out there then you place an include file with in the file inside a table of the index.php

or you can just do this

echo "<p align=\"center\">";
echo "


THis will place your image block with in the page center

Of course this is limited to one install of geoclassifieds, it wont work for other installs, it will work with one install across as many domains as you want.

it is coded to your geodesic install and does not require a key, you wont be able to share it

you put our code in your classifieds directory, you will call our code from the remote site found on the installed site..

If you would like to see a demo email us and I will send a link to you

so if you have hotdeals.com and your install is on mysite.com you would use this line of code in the index.php file found on hotdeals.com


Or call our phone numbers found on our site...

Completely compatible hot module that is fully supported from 2.04 to the latest build 3.02

you can go look at the module working at http://buymyhotcar.com

Call for pricing, I feel it is quite fare as you can call it from as many domains as you want to.

It can only be used on one install of Geo Ent Auction or Classifieds.

you will need ION Cube installed on the site where your geo is installed, and since your running Geo it is all most safe to say you have it installed already

no code mods required just stick it in your classifieds directory with the config file and your good to go