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    Default Liability Insurance for website owners and publishers

    I was wondering if anyone out there sees the need or already has purchased some form of website publisher liability insurance for their sites. I have started searching and reading about this, and it seems we might have some risk exposure for hosting what other people post. I know we have Terms of Service, but still, anyone can sue you for copyright infringement or defamation, etc. The TOS will help you get it dismissed, but you still have the court costs up to that point.

    So, what are every one's random thoughts or experiences. If you know of good insurance, will you please post the company name.


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    Did you ever find anything - I am looking for the same. Thanks.

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    it is called errors and omissions depending on your exposures it will very in price, our cost is 1500 a year and has a 860 dollar EV SSL on top of that to. So we spend about 2460 a year

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