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    Default More Competition Coming To Your City

    Ebay has launched the United States version of their classifed ads site, Why did'nt I think of that domain name?

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    hmm they are giving it free. tough competitions.
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    There are other news reports floating around, but the one I read stated that it's free for now, but they are exploring ways to make money on it, possibly charging for certain categories, probably like craigslist. They have to. Interestingly, ebay owns 25% of craigslist.

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    Default is very powerful. I have been really looking at this site a lot. No matter what I search for they come up. The program there running is very powerful for search engines. I have been tearing the code apart to see what I can do. I almost have it figured out...... I am working on a new SEO mod and it should be out in a few days.

    Let me show you what I mean....

    Notice the URL when you enter a category it has the keyword in the URL which is really powerful for search engines. I have this figured out already.

    On the page you have H2 fonts if you view the source a little content.
    I this figured out also.....

    Every single category has its on TITLE, META KEYWORDS, DESCRIPTION...
    I have this figured out too......

    I ran a test on the URL one of my sites. This URL has horses_for_sale in the url

    As you can see in the above. They are really concentrating on SEO optimization. They have forgot to pay attention to html compliant

    They are making mistakes. By having your site perfect in every way will help you to compete against them. have a NICHE classifieds will also help.

    My 2 cents...

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    Default Classifieds

    Having their link on the bottom of most of Ebay's PR7 and up web pages helps.
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    Considering Google owns 25% of Craigs list, I can guess where this is going.

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