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    Default I'm back! Now doing Freelance work

    Those that have been around a while may remember me, I worked on the Geodesic Solutions development team for a number of years. I've been off the scene for the last 3 years but now I'm back, as a 3rd party freelance developer! I do not work for Geodesic Solutions, but I can work for you if you need some customizations done.

    Starting out I don't have any "off the shelf" addons or templates, all of my former work went into the core Geodesic Solutions software and included addons themselves. I do have some custom work that has gone into, a site I help to run and develop on, but I don't think any of the customizations done for that site would be useful (unless you happen to run a site for 3D printing and want to display rendered stuff). You can see my open source projects on github at (check out the "Organizations" as well)

    My plan is to offer custom work, addons and/or templates (or combinations of the 2 if you need something fancy) on the side. I still have a "day job" working as a software engineer for a decent sized company with a large tech department. I'm back to doing customizations on the side for some extra fun (and let's face it, the extra $ is nice as well )

    My former username was jonyo here in these forums, but you may notice this is the first post with this account. Since I am no longer an employee of Geodesic Solutions, I have a new account, so that hopefully it is easy to distinguish. Also to make it clear I'm no longer the "official voice of Geo", anything I say are my own words as a 3rd party freelancer.

    So if you need some custom work done, consider contacting me.

    I may poke around the forums as well with drive-by helpful replies to questions as I have time. This is all on the side though so don't expect the same level of engagement I had when I worked here
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    - Jonathan Foote
    Custom Addons & Design - contact me for a price quote!

    disclaimer: I used to work for Geodesic Solutions on the development team. However, I am now an independent 3rd party freelance developer, meaning I am not employed by Geodesic Solutions and do not speak for them. Any posts made with this user account are done as a 3rd party freelance developer.

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