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    Default Is it possible create subscriptions per categorie?

    I want to create a website where people can post projects and where businesses - the bidders - can respond.
    But....I want that bidders buy for every specific categorie a separeate subscription.

    For example: On the website i have project categories for Tax advisors, Ccontrollers, Accountants etc.
    An accountant can have the expertise to be a good controller en a tax advisers can also be an registered accountant etc.
    But in case a person wants to respond to controlling projects, he need a subscription for that, and if he also wants to respond to accountant-projects, he wil need 2 subscriptions.

    Is that possible in GEODesic?

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    no, that's not currently a feature of GeoCore
    Matt Nelson
    Lead Developer
    Geodesic Solutions, LLC.

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