Version 16.03.0 is now available for download in the client area of our site.

Be sure you are familiar with the General Information for Updates. This thread details things that are specific to this particular release. Specific information on each change is always available in the changelog.

This version includes 10 bugfixes, including one security-related fix (closing a possible SQL injection vector), repairing a couple of cron tasks that had been permanently stopped due to errors, and fixing a bug that could prevent new user registration when using subdomain navigation.

16.03.0 also includes a BETA release of the new Recurring Classifieds feature. Note that Recurring Classifieds are undocumented, still considered unstable, and not recommended for use in a production site without thorough testing.

As promised, this release also increases the minimum required PHP version to run GeoCore to 5.4. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO UPGRADE IF YOUR SERVER DOES NOT MEET THE NEW PHP VERSION REQUIREMENT. If unsure of your server's PHP version, or if needing to upgrade, contact your host.

Template File Changes:
Template Changes From Ver. 16.02.1 to 16.03.0
  • external/css/default.css
  • main_page/header.tpl
  • system/classes/Pagination/pagination.tpl
  • text.csv

Changes relative to default template set folder geo_templates/default/, see the changelogs for more info on the specific changes for each template file.

Changed Files:
File Changes From Ver. 16.02.1 to 16.03.0
  • addons/attention_getters/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/charity_tools/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/core_display/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/featured_levels/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/geographic_navigation/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/pedigree_tree/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/storefront/ - Addon Updated
  • addons/twitter_feed/ - Addon Updated
  • admin/addon_manage.php
  • admin/admin_authentication_class.php
  • admin/app_top.admin.php
  • admin/home.php
  • admin/php5_classes/Admin.class.php
  • admin/php5_classes/Notifications.class.php
  • admin/templates/home/index.tpl
  • admin/templates/index.tpl
  • admin/templates/order_items/classified_recurring/plan_item_settings.tpl
  • app_top.common.php
  • classes/order_items/_listing_placement_common.php
  • classes/order_items/additional_regions.php
  • classes/order_items/classified.php
  • classes/order_items/classified_recurring.php - New
  • classes/order_items/images.php
  • classes/order_items/listing_extra_better_placement.php
  • classes/order_items/listing_extra_bolding.php
  • classes/order_items/listing_extra_featured_level1.php
  • classes/order_items/listing_renew_upgrade.php
  • classes/order_items/offsite_videos.php
  • classes/order_items/recurring_payment_dataDisplay.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Browse.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Cache.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Cron.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Listing.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/OrderItem.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Pagination.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/Template.class.php
  • classes/php5_classes/products.php
  • classes/php5_classes/products.zend.php
  • classes/site_class.php
  • classes/user_management_current_ads.php
  • index.php