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  1. GClass
    Hello and Welcome All ! to this "Experiment" - Please feel free to join in ..


    This group has been created in response to postings in the forum - where people have expressed an interest in possibly finding a new way to help / assist / foster discussion and move forward ... advances in Geo that may be assisted through "sponsored changes"

    Hope this helps

    See reference to this thread [ and there are others ] on the forum with similar content / desires

    "Our Discussion on the Forum is Vital to all us all" - at least that is our opinion !
  2. tosea
    GClass thanks for starting this,

  3. Snappy
    thanks Gclass, seems like the best way to go about it! Hopefully it will get off the ground and be an asset to all of us members to coordinate what Geo modification/addon is where in financing and development.

    I think we should probably sort out the "how to's" so we can standardize and simplify the process for all... so I will begin with a few ideas off the top of my head and hope others will speak up for/against and with any other suggestions as well. Anywho, important things imo would be: UNFORTUNATELY we are limited to posts of 1000 characters here so have to break this into chunks........
  4. Snappy
    1) A clear, concise title for what the modification or addon would achieve
    2) A detailed description of specifically what the modification/addon would achieve
    3) A link to a corresponding Bug in Bugzilla if applicable
    4) Specifying WHO has been contacted to tackle the project, ie Geo Dev Team, A known Geo 3rd Party Developer (such as Geomodules, Blufyre etc) OR an "off site" developer via Elance etc
    5) A COST and development time frame quote by the developer
    6) How much, minimum, each sponsor would need to contribute to have exclusive/early access to the modification/addon
    7) How much has already been contributed by the OP or collected from interested members
  5. Snappy
    Also, a few "details" that come to mind as potential issues are who collects the contributions (ie is there a way for each to pay the developer individually (Geo dev team or otherwise) and indicate WHICH Dev project it is to be applied to, or would each interested party have to send their contribution to the OP and they would pay for the modifcation/addon in its entirety? What happens if the dev costs have not been covered in an agreed amount of time? Also, what happens if more people are interested in taking part after the Dev cost has already been covered? It shouldn't be "for profit", so how would this be handled? Are people that come late allowed in, and their contribution is (somehow) divided by current sponsors and distributed? Or are they not able to take part and have to wait until Geo/the developer releases the modification/addon to general public or puts it up for sale?

    Interested in opinions and other ideas and concerns so we can make this fly smoothly and effectively....
  6. tosea
    Snappy once the total and number of people willing to share costs is settled the developer invoices us individually, when all the funds are in, the process is completed and the product is installed on our sites.

    As for people that come late, their loss, they have to wait till the next release which could be months away.

    So far those of us that have been through it are more then satisfied,

    Usually four to five people is max as then it starts pissing off the developers on how much time they have to go through to install the feature,

    And I can see their point.

  7. Snappy
    thanks Lui.... crumb, i didnt see your reply til now for some reason (will have to look into group notification options).

    that method makes sense.... was that so far always directly with geo as developer? i guess i am confused...... it seems that the "best" way to have a modification packaged would be as an addon so not clear on why the developer would have to install it for me, and also makes me worried about updates etc if required a hands on approach from the developer.

    so then whats the plan/ feedback from others on how best to get this ball rolling?
  8. GClass
    Great to see discussion happening here ..

    We are all ears to hear more .. as we have not been part of this process before...

    FYI: Note to all .. as Snappy wrote [ and we were in the "same boat" ]
    [ i didnt see your reply til now for some reason (will have to look into group notification options) ]

    We actually didn't even know these posts were here until today

    Here is a link showing how to "Subscribe to this Thread for Notifications"

    Upper top right corner of this page ! - under "Discussion Tools" - then you can have notifications sent to your mailbox - or the panel ..
  9. GClass
    Figured that we should have this link in here:

    Here is the link to the Official Support >> Geodesic Solutions >> Sponsored Features Area;sponsored/
  10. GClass
    Into to Group ??

    Boy I must have been up late .. Should have read "Intro" to Group
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