Geodesic Solutions Policies


Several of our our policies are explained in overview below. These are provided in "layman's terms" for easier understanding and should be treated as such. Please see our official documents at the bottom of the page for full details.

Important: We value all of our customers and understand that special circumstances arise that may require special treatment. These are guidelines we go by, not absolute rules.

Software Updates - Purchased License

Upon purchase, you will receive 6 months of unlimited access to any software updates we make available during that time frame. Renewing access to the latest software releases(Updates) can be purchased at any time and is 100% optional.

Important: Expiration of your access to Updates will NOT affect your site or license.

Software Support - Purchased License

Upon purchase, you will receive 90 days of free live person technical support. This includes live support chat and priority support ticket system. After the 90 days, your access to our live support chat will expire. Your ability to submit email support tickets will NOT expire and is lifetime for the license. In addition to live support, we offer a very complete user manual, active member forum, and tutorials for which you will always have access. Renewing access to our live support staff(Support) through live chat can be purchased at any time and is 100% optional.

Important: Expiration of your access to Support or live chat will NOT affect your site or license.

Software Installations

You can use a single software license on one live site (one domain/folder), and as many test installations as you require on that same domain, for no extra cost. The license will come with one installation slot for the live installation, and one slot for the test installation automatically. If you require more test installation locations added, just contact us. If additional software licenses are required, we do offer bulk discount pricing; contact us for more info.

Moving the Software

You are allowed to change where the software is installed as long as it is completely removed from the old installation location. Changing either the domain name or the installation folder will require a change to your license. In such cases, your license must be updated manually. However, there is absolutely no charge, even if your Support or Updates has expired. Simply contact us with the details and we will make the necessary changes to your license.

If moving an older installation (before version 5.0.3), a license patch may be required. The license patch allows the software to validate the new location with our updated license system. If required for your installation, the patch is also free of charge, even if your Support or Updates has expired. You will be able to download the license patch for your specific version from the client area on our site. If you require help applying the patch, in most cases we are able to help apply the patch for no additional charge also.

If you want us to move the software for you, we do offer this "server migration" service. If you would like to do the migration, you can find instructions in the user manual found in the support section of our web site.

If the new location has newer versions of PHP or other server side properties that require a newer version of the software, you will need to have access to software updates and current support in order to update to the newer software version. Note: You do not have to pay for Support if you will not need our help...only the Updates.

Software Downloads

You can download the software from the client area on our site at any time. Even if your Updates has expired, you can still download any previous versions of the software that are released before the expiration date(going back as far as version 5.0.3). You will never lose your software!

Each software license requires it's own Support & Updates. If you have multiple licenses, each of the licenses require Support and/or Updates should you need them.


As with most software companies, we do not offer refunds once the software has been delivered. This is typically due to the fact that there is no way to verify that the software has been removed or deleted, and also because the source code for most of our products is provided unencrypted, so we cannot control the license state.

What we do offer is a free and personal software trial so that you can try our software out and make sure it is a good match to your needs prior to purchase. We encourage everyone to try the software out before you buy it.

License Transfer

The software license can be transferred to a new owner. This is how it works:

  • There is no charge for transferring the license to the new owner.
  • Any remaining Support and Updates do not transfer, unless you contact us before hand to arrange to purchase additional Support/Updates on behalf of the new owner.
  • You cannot advertise on our site through the forums or other areas of our site that allow you to post (including our website You are free to advertise selling your software; we just ask that you do not do so on our website(s). If we see any such advertising, it will be removed.

Official Documents & Information

  • Software License Agreement
  • Privacy Policy