Site Efficiency Features

Built-in Caching System
Along with the precompiling provided by the Smarty template system the system includes caching to improve page load. The system can cache whole pages, specific modules, system text data, system design components and more to provide better page load performance when sites get busy.
Cron Job Management
Many routines within the software run behind the scenes and they are run using timed routines within the software. These routines can put a drag on server performance at times. You can allow the software manage that for you or you can choose to manage them through server side cron to run these routines when you think is best like when you know you will have slow traffic.
Combine and Minify CSS/JS Automatically
Following Google Site Tools guidelines you can have the software combine and minify your sites CSS and Javascript for better site performance and better Google site scores. Additionally you can push some js to the footer to delay loading or specific js not necessary at page load. This speeds page load times and further increases Google site scores. The better you look to Google the higher your pages climb in rankings.
Server/Site Time Configuration
The software pulls it's "time" from the server. The problem is that the server you use may be set to GMT or another time zone not in the one you will be focusing on. You want the "site time" be in sync with the users who are actually using your site. Our software allows you to offset the software time from the server time to allow that.
Smarty Template System
The templates within our software are managed using the Smarty template management system. This is a robust system that allows for complete separation of presentation from application code. Includes a simple smarty language that allows simple yet endless extensions of features without the need for php knowledge. Smarty adds template inheritance characteristics that provides support for simple to complex template schemes. Smarty provided precompiling saves time at page load despite complexities if you add them...or just keep it simple...your choice.