Mutilple Image Gallery Choices

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classifieds Script
  • GeoCore Auction Script
  • GeoCore Max Auction and Classified Script
You have multiple image display choices within your sites listing details page.....

Image Choice Highlights

  • Classic image display choice
  • Gallery image display choice
  • Filmstrip image display choice
  • control thumbnail size in all choices
  • control rows and columns in classic
  • control full image max size
  • all large image click open lightbox display
  • click to change small for large image

There are many options for display of listings attached images within your site. We include 3 choices currently and there will be more to come. We include a classic block, gallery and filmstrip gallery choices at the moment.

With the classic gallery all images are displayed the same size. You control the max width and max height of the thumbnail images dipslayed within the block. You also control the number of columns that are displayed within the classic view. You have two choice of behavior if any thumbnail is clicked. You can have that link to a full-size image page where all the images attached to the classified or auction are displayed in one page full size. Or you can choose to display a lightbox display above the page. With the lightbox view the background is darkened and the full size image clicked is displayed. From the lightbox display the client can choose to display the previous full size image or the next full size image. Within the lightbox the client can eventually page through each full size image attached to the page. Any caption text attached to each image will display below the thumbnail.

With the gallery display one large image is displayed with all other images attached to that listing displayed in thumbnail size below it. To see any small image in the large format it only needs to be clicked and it swiches places with the large image. If the large image is clicked the lightbox display appears as described above allowing the client to scroll through all full size images. You control the max dimensions of the large image and the thumbnail images displayed below it. If there are too many thumbnails to fit in one row the software automatically pushes them to the next row. Any caption text attached to an image will be displayed below the large image view.

With the filmstrip gallery one large images is displayed at top and all thumbnail images are displayed in a scrolling (right-left) box below it. To see the large view of any thumbnail you only need to click it and it replaces the large image viewed. The filmstrip feature allows your clients to scroll right and left through the one row of images attached to that listing. You control the max dimensions of the large and thumbnail images. When ever the large image is displayed the lightbox display of images described above appears. Any caption text attached to an image will be displayed below the large image view.

Stay tuned for more options...