Google Maps Display

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classified Ads Script
  • GeoCore Auctions Script
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classified Script
Allow clients to give exact locations of their listings.....

Google Feature Highlights

  • Displays within each listing
  • Client controls address displayed
  • Client choice to have one display
  • Use of feature at all is controlled by admin
  • Use can be controlled to the category level

Google maps allow your clients to insert a mapping address within the place a listing process. That address will be used by the software to display a google map of that address within that listings details page.

By default the clients account address is placed in the mapping address field when placing the listing to save time when placing the listing. But the client can easily empty the field if they don't want a map to display or leave the address if it's correct or change that mapping address data to point to an address of their choice.

Whether the feature is used at all is a choice of the admin. If you choose to use this feature you can choose to use it site wide or you can choose to use the feature only in specific categories.

Using a specific placement tag within the auction script details page or the classified ads script details page you can control exactly where that map appears in your listing details pages.