Listing Specific Features

Multi-Level Fields
Allows for questions/fields within the software that have multiple levels of hierarchy within them. Each levels choices is dependent on the choice made in the parent level. The best example of this type of field is the make-model used for automobiles...
Google Maps
Each listing is capable of displaying a Google map display on the listing if client inserts that data. To save time "addressing data" in user's account pre-populates addressing data in listing. Client can then remove or change that mapping data if wanted...
Pedigree Tree Available
This feature allows you to insert pedigrees for dogs, cats, horses or livestock in general. Each listing will have it's own pedigree tree infomation within it. The software also allows you to search a specific progenitor within the software with a single click. So your browsing clients can easily find any related progenitor within your site. You as the admin can control how many of levels of pedigree you allow and how many of those levels of pedigree you reguire on your site. This appearance/use of this field can be controlled site wide or down to a category by category basis..
Multiple Field Types
Multiple types of fields that can hold or configured to hold many different kinds of data. Configure some fields to be simple text, url, numeric only, dropdown selection,...and others...
Multiple Image Gallery Choices
You choose from a few choices how the images/uploads your clients attach to their listings are displayed within their listing details. You also control the size those images display and the quality used to create them in the system. All jpg and png images are processed from their megapixel sizes to more economical (fast download) sizes saving you slow page loads, bandwidth concerns and server resources. .
Upload Multiple File Types
You are able to allow your clients to upload most file types to attache to their listings. Allow jpg, gif, png type images. You can also pdfs, movie file types, Word docs, Excel docs....just about any file type and limit which file types allowed.
YouTube Video Inclusion
Your clients are able to attach videos into their listings. These videos can be played from within their listing details page. You can control how many can be included as well as charge for them if you like.