Schedule Price Plan Changes

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classified Ads Software
  • GeoCore Auctions Software
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classified Software
Set price plans to expire automatically to make pricing transitions simpler..

Scheduled Price Plan Change Highlights

  • Change pricing attached to a user group by date
  • Expire price plans a certain number of days after registration
  • Expire price plans on a specific date
  • Make pricing transitions easier
  • Allows for introductory pricing

Of course you can have the same classified ad and auction pricing for everyone at all times. But haven't you ever wanted to offer introductory pricing for new registrants? And not just to end by a specific date? Or just for a specific amount of time from registration? You can offer such pricing with our software.

It would be great in many pricing schemes to allow any new registrant a lower pricing scheme just to get them to use the site. This makes the hurdle of registration much lower for many potential new clients and increases the chances of you getting and possibly keeping a new client. You can do that with our software. You can create pricing that only lasts for lets say the first 30 days the client is registered to your site. Forever after that they would use your normal pricing. You can allow the introductory period last from 1 day all the way up to 1 year. And once that predetermined date has passed that new registrants pricing would expire into your everyday pricing.

The great thing about introductory pricing at the individual level is that EVERY new registrant would get the introductory pricing for the time period you setup no matter when they register. You can conceivably keep this type of scheduled pricing ongoing perpetually and after the alloted time that registrant would then start using the normal pricing. Where with other systems you may need to end introductory pricing at the same time for everyone with our system you can allow that introductory pricing for every new registrant. No more constantly recreating registration drives. Keep one going perpetually.

If you use the GeoCore Max software you can setup introductory pricing for classified ads and not for auctions. Or you can setup introductory pricing for auctions and not classifieds. Or for both. Or neither....the choice is yours.

Scheduled pricing changes can be a snap. You can create the price plan to move into before the scheduled change. You can test the new pricing scheme thoroughly with test users before you roll out the new pricing. Then when ready just set the expiration date within the current price plan and let the pricing transition happen quickly and easily.