Security Controls

Security Image/Captcha Image Protection
The software can display a "spoiler image" at login, registration,forgot password, contact seller, contact friend or listing placement routines. There is a built in security image feature but the software also allows you to the use the capthca image capabilities provided by google.
IP Banning Feature
Ban irritating or offensive users by their ip address. Insert ip address ban to possibly ban entire countries from accessing your site. Use wildcards within ip address blocks.
CC Yourself On User Communications
If you are suspicious of some users activities on your site you can carbon copy (cc) your email for all client side communications that go through a feature of the software. This allows you to zero in on scammers and spammers quickly so you can act quickly to stop them and warn your clients.
Badword Filter
While this feature can be used to simply remove badwords with more appropriate ones it can also be used to remove text that's not necessarily bad but just not wanted in your site. For example you can have the url of your competitors or just offensive sites exchanged with another url or other text is inserted.
Session Timeout Control Admin
You have individual control over the time your admin log session will last without your action on the site. Longer may be convenient when you are building and configuring the site but shorter is better for security when your site is live.
Username/Password Min/Max Length Controls
You can control the maximum and minimum length of the usernames and passwords your clients can use with their accounts. Forcing a minimum password length makes your clients have at least longer/stronger passwords to protect their accounts. You can allow up to a maximum character count you feel is necessary to allow your clients the ability to show their individuality in their usernames.
Suspend Users
This allows you to hold a user in the system yet not allow them access to it. Though you can remove a user from the system easily suspending them locks that email and username in the system so it can't be reused. Many deleted users will simply try to register using the same credentials. This feature stops that..
Domain Restriction At Registration
You may have a site that want to only allow specific email address domains to register into the system. This would be great if you want to create a intra-university or intra-company classified ad and/or auction website. Just insert the domains you want to allow and only those that have emails from that email domain can register into your site.
Turn on/off Lost Password Feature
If you have some issues with passwords being reset between feuding clients or email spoofing you can always turn this feature and force all password resets through the admin user.
Secure SSL Connections
The software automatically will jump into https within certain features of the site if you configure it to. You can force https on logins, registrations and within sensitive parts of the place a listing process all within the admin tool. Note this requires an SSL certificate to be installed for the domain the software is installed to operate.
Session Timeout Control Users
This allows you to control the client log session life will last without their action on the site. You have the control to balance the length of the session for your clients convenience and it's shortness for security. Find the right balance for your clientele.
Allowed HTML Filter
This feature allows the admin to control what html can be used within the clients listing. You have a point and click admin tool to ban the use of some html to limit html page issues and html hacks from clients. You can add your own custom tags to ban if you like...
Domain Blocking At Registration
This feature allows you to block certain email domains from registering to the site. If you find that 90% of your spammers/scammers come from a specific url you can tell the software to not accept registrations from that domain.
Can Force Approval Of Registrations
If its important for you to only allow specific users into your site you can set the system to allow you to approve all registrations before their registration is completed.
Report Abuse Feature
This feature allows your clients on the site to help police other clients. This feature appears by default within the listing details page and allows other clients to report offensive or abusive content to you with a few clicks.
Get Notified Of Listing Edits
You can get notified of all user listing edits to the system. Many time a spammer/scammer knows you check listings as they are entered into the system but not once they are in the system. This feature will notify you of any listing edits so you can inspect them. This just gives you another tool to combat scamming/spamming on your site and provide a good environment for your clients.

Admin Notifications

These are automatic notifications to the admin when some specific actions happen. This allows you to keep track of what's going on within your site without having to be there all the time. Just notify yourself when you need to take action.

  • User Registration Complete - Sent to the administrator when a user registers
  • Email Validation - Checks the validity of e-mail addresses within registration and listing placement forms.
  • Form Field Validation - Checks to make sure that users entered all necessary contact information.
  • Duplicate Email Checking - System checks existing registrations to ensure that the email address entered is not already in use.
  • Duplicate Username Checking - System checks existing registrations to ensure that the email address entered is not already in use.
  • Username and Password Checking - System checks for to ensure that user has entered the minimum and maximum number of digits for their username and password.
  • Validate Password Routine - System requires the user to enter their password twice to ensure accuracy of the entry.
  • Notices and Warnings - Section in admin which provides warnings to you of potential security issues.
  • Debug Logging and Messaging - Logs debug output for your site, which is helpful for third party development or if your site is experiencing problems.