RWD Design

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classified Ad Software
  • GeoCore Auctions Software
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classified Software
  • Note only with default designs added after v7.3 (all current designs with default installations)
View the site differently through a within a Smartphone browser and Desktop Browser.....

RWD Feature Highlights

  • Design adapts to size of screen viewing it
  • No "pinching/resizing" within in Smartphone browsers
  • Just scroll to see page in Smartphone browsers
  • Reduces the need for Iphone or Android App
  • Provides full functionality of site where apps do not
  • Design is included in one template set
  • Maintain one design for all devices
  • Design still allows uploading of images within Smartphone

Have you found it hard to navigate sites within your smartphone browser in the past? You could see the whole page but would need to "pinch/spread" the screen to zoom in and out of the design, The RWD feature should stop the need for that. With v7.3 forward we've included an RWD design as the default design. RWD stands for "responsive web design" which means that a single design can adapt to the width of the screen/device accessing it. The design uses different css depending on the width of the browser used to access it. Creating a design like this requires a little deeper planning and thinking in the design and actually uses different css sets with each device/screen width.

One of the advantages to the RWD design is that it can provide full functionality to the script through a web browser. Iphone and Android apps have limited functionality through them. Providing functionality through your site is much easier and more flexible. There's no app download and updating. For example design and functionality changes are implemented once they are on your site. There's no rebuilding of an app and then uploading and then waiting for the approval through the requisite personal before your app is live and downloadable..

If you want to make design changes you can change the html to affect both "views" at once. You can make changes individually to the "smartphone css" and the "desktop css" to affect each view separately. All within the same template set.

Even if you don't want to use the new RWD design for your default design you can create a desktop design and use our RWD design solely for smartphone/pad devices. The software comes with a way to set a specific template set for mobile view and for desktop view. So you can have separate designs for desktop and mobile view.

We also have a few current clients that like their current designs but need a "mobile only design". So they update and set their current design for desktops only and the new RWD design for smartphones and pad devices.

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