Site / Language Usability

Facebook Connect
Allow users to register account using their facebook login. Their account is created using the public information that Facebook provides in the process. Client enters no information to register or login...
Dedicated Mobile Template Optional
The Smarty template system allows multiple template sets to be within the system at any one time. The feature allows you to have a dedicated mobile template set design if you wish..
Personalized Iphone App Available
Provides much of the same funcitonality than the shared app but is your site own app branded, colored and packaged specifically for your site. You control the colors, images and the icon used for the app and this app ONLY connects to your site exclusively. It's uploaded and to the Apple App Store as your app with your name and downloadable for any of your clients.
RWD Design
We've created our default designs using Responsive Web Design principles so that the site appears in tablet and mobile browsers in a different format than when viewed by desktop computers. This allows for full functionality within any platform used to browse your site....
Remote API Calls
Do you need to integrate your Geo software with other software or create external features based on Geo software features? The remote API allows you to do that. There are a set of core features that can be securely accessed from exteral software for features like session management, user data sharing/editing, listing data calls and more....
SEO Urls
The system can be configured to generate search engine friendly urls that include content driven text. Listing urls contain the category name and listing title created by the client. Category browsing urls contain the category name. You can further configure the urls used beyond the default configuration using the admin tool...
QR Code
Easy placement of a single tag to create a qr code link to a specific listing on your site. Allows for easy saving of listings to mobile phones.. .
Free Shared Iphone App Use
With each license purchase you are given free access the GeoMobile Iphone app. The shared app has general Geo marking within the app but will connect with your site for searches and auctions or classified ad display.

Language Specific Features

These features allow you to customize the software to specific languages or specific regions. All client side text and templates can be language specific but different features can be necessarily accommodate multiple languages, currencies and regions.

Support More Than One Language At A Time
The choice is yours as to how many sites you support on your site. You can support just one or many languages. You set a default language the site will display in and give your clients a choice if you support more than one language.
Browse Filter For Languages Available
The language selected when placing a listing is saved within that listings details. You can turn on/off a filter so that users browsing the site in one language only see listings placed using that language. This reduces the number of listings they can't understand anyway to just the ones they can understand and are most likely in their area anyway. Just another tool to get the right listings in front of your clients faster.
Control Date/Time Display Format
Each region, language and sometimes discipline expects a date in a specific format. You have different controls for the date display format in a few different features of the software.
Built In Language Choice Feature
This allows your clients to choose between the languages your site supports. You can point your clients to the language choice page but the software's flexibility allows you to simply insert links within your design to switch between languages. Most clients create "flag links" within their design to switch between languages.
Set Country By IP Address
Using an external IP address service you can have the country set within the Geographic Navigation filter the first time your clients come to your site. If your site has an international audience this feature sets their filter to only view listings in their country without needing to make a choice.
Set a Template Set Per Language
While this is mainly to allow you to put language specific text within the design this can also allow you to show a different design to each language that uses your site. A specific design may work better for a specific language and the software allows you to.
Multiple Currency Display
Allow your clients a choice of currencies they wish to display their items in. You control their choices and they choose the currency their prices will display in. You set both the prefix and suffix for the price display. Note software does not do any currency conversion.
Phone Number Formatting Abilties
While your clients can enter the phone numbers attached to their listings in any way if your site focuses on a specific region the software can automatically format those phone numbers to a format of your choosing. Of course you can always choose to leave the phone number display as is.