User Experience Features

Multiple Browsing Looks
While browsing categories you have the option of allowing your clients to choose the "view" they wish to browse categories in. We supply 3 default "looks" to choose from: list, gallery or grid. You control which options to view they have and set the site default view. You can even set to allow only one view over the whole site. The choice is yours. Since these are templates you can completely change the look of either of those "views" to be what you like...
Browse Newest Listings by Time Frame
A feature that allows the client to browse the newest listings within a category format. One click to browse listings in the last 24 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks....
Flexible Listing Placement Process
You can configure the number of pages/steps your clients go through when placing a listing. You can choose to leave a page per step to alleviate confusion of steps or combine pages/steps to not bury the client in multiple steps. You can choose to combine some steps/pages and not others....very flexible. You can configure one way for auction placement and one way for classified ad placements.
Region Based Browsing
Choose listings you wish to view results from within the category browsing and search features. You control the regions used in the site and number of region levels used. When your clients choose a region they only see results from that region...
Sorting Dropdown
Sort category browsing results by just about any column you include for display within the category browsing feature. You control which fields display as columns down to the individual category level and just about all can be used to order the category browsing results. The software give you the ability to choose the default "order by" criteria at the site wide level and can control the default "order by" control on a category by category basis...
Category Browsing Columns/Fields
Within our software you control which fields display within the category browsing feature. You can set one site wide field configuration display and leave it at that. But you can also override that within any categories that you want to display specific fields prevalent in those categories. These configuration work no matter the browsing view...
Browsing Filters
You can filter category browsing results by any question based criteria you like. This allows you to configure any field you have setup to collect data for a listing to be a criteria to filter listings within the category browsing feature...
Tag Searches
Client can attach "search tags" to their listings when placing them. There "search clouds" will be included in any searches performed on the site. There is also a tag browsing feature. When a tag is clicked within a listing details page the client is linked to a tag search feature with other listings using the same tag as results. The site can be browsed this way...great for SEO...
Feedback Browsing
For those sites that allow auctions the feedback tool can be great to weed out bad buyers and sellers. Any sellers cumulative feedback can be browsed with a click from within any of their auctions. This can allow possible bidders know the quality of seller they are about to purchase from. .
Listing Preview
Within the last step of listing placement you can offer the client placing the listing the option of viewing the listing as it would display in the listing details page, This allows the client to preview what their listing would look like on the site. The client can then make changes to the listing before finishing it..
Client Side Lost Password Routine
This feature allows the client to use their email address attached to their account to reset their account login if they have ever lost it without the need of having the admin reset it for them. Note that the admin can reset their account login if you want though..
Zip Code Based Browsing
Set a browsing or search feature that allows the client to choose the postal code and distance around that postal code to view listing results from. It's a great tool to narrow down results within the category browsing and search features....
Anonymous Listing Placement
Allow users to place listings without the need to create an account in the system. You can place the anonymous user in it's own user group which allows you to charge different pricing and even control the fields they can see in the listing...
Site Search
If your clients don't want to browse for their listings they can always use the built in search functionality to find lisitngs by keyterms. The advanced search function reacts to the category the client chooses to search and displays the fields configured for that category automatically. This allows the client to customize their search results very finely...
HTML 5 Image Uploader
This allows for a smoother, faster upload process even on smart phones now. On laptop and desktops the uploader allows you to select many images at once and have them upload at one automatically instead of needing to select each image and wait for it to upload to select the next image. .
HTML WYSIWYG Editor Available
This allows your clients to use a wysiwyg editor when creating their classified or auction descriptions. The wysiwyg is an option for the client they can turn off and the software will remember their choice for the next time they place a new listing..
Synonymous Username/Email At Login
Your clients can use their username or email address within the username field at login..