Extra Software/Off Site Integrations

RSS Feature to Share With Other Sites
The built in RSS feature allows you to extend your site reach beyond your domain. You have the ability to create RSS feeds that have the listings you want within them based on many criteria to choose them from the database. You can create many different RSS feeds to supply listing content to many different sites selecting those listings on criteria that will make those listing match the sites/locations they'll appear in.
Personalized Iphone App Available
Provides much of the same funcitonality than the shared app but is your site own app branded, colored and packaged specifically for your site. You control the colors, images and the icon used for the app and this app ONLY connects to your site exclusively. It's uploaded and to the Apple App Store as your app with your name and downloadable for any of your clients.
Affiliate System Integration
Our software can be integrated with Idevaffiliate and Post Affiliate Pro softwares so you can keep track of what sites send you clients that actually spend money on your site. Their software keeps track of where clients come from and how much they spend to you can appropriately reward those sites that send you clients.
Free Shared Iphone App Use
With each license purchase you are given free access the GeoMobile Iphone app. The shared app has general Geo marking within the app but will connect with your site for searches and auctions or classified ad display.
Bridge Users To Other Geo Installations
If you have muliple installations of our software you can sync users between the two or more installations of your Geo software. If the installations are on the same url login for all installations could be through one common login. You only need to make sure all installations can talk to the other installations databases.
Remote API
Probably the most powerful tool you have in integrating our software with other software and even other sites. This allows other software to securely connect to the Geo software and run preprogrammed requests from or insertions into the GeoCore software database. Current calls include user registration, listing search, listings per user and several more. More can always be added to suit your needs.
Push to Oodle Feed
This feature allows you to optionally push listings inserted into your site to oodle.com. This allows your clients to insert their listing on your site yet stretch that listings reach far beyond your site.
User Integration With Joomla
Using the JFusion plugin provided free you can share users between your GeoCore software and your Joomla installation. This allows you one login to get access to both softwares. Once integrated with Joomla you can easily and seemlessly use our software and Joomla features and extensions together under one user session control.