Manage Pricing by User Group

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classified Ads Software
  • GeoCore Auctions Software
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classified Software
Group users to allow for muliple pricing tiers within your site..

User Group Pricing Feature Highlights

  • Each user group can have own pricing
  • Can charge by subscription
  • Can charge by fees
  • Change pricing for whole group at once
  • Change price plans instantly

All users are grouped into groups for several reasons. One of the most important is control the pricing attached to a user group. Many clients just need to charge one price for all. Still other sites need to charge different pricing to different groups of clients for many reasons. You could have pricing for family and friends. You could have specific pricing for clients that produce a volume of listings through your site and you want to give them price breaks. Whatever your reasons you can do so in our software.

Each user group has pricing attached to it in the form of price plans. The price plan attached to a user group determines the pricing that the users attached to that group see when try to do something you charge for on your site. With the pricing separate from the actual user group yet attached you can have many user groups for organizational reasons yet all charge them the same pricing or charge some one way and others another or charge each user group completely different. The choice is yours.

As pricing is controlled through an attached price plan you can switch out price plans at any specific time. This provides great flexibility with respect to the way you charge users on your site yet still make it easy to manage.