Saved Searches

Feature included within:
  • GeoCore Classified Ads Software
  • GeoCore Auctions Software
  • GeoCore Max Auctions and Classified Software
Clients are notified when a new listing is placed that matches what they are looking for..

Saved Search Highlights

  • Save search term within client area
  • search term tested against all new listings
  • If there is a match them client notified
  • bundles search results for day into one email
  • save as many searches as you like

If one of your clients can't find what they want or can't find enough of what they want they can have the system notify them when something matching what they want is entered into the system. The saved search feature will allow them to insert a search term for what they want and compares that against all new auctions or classifieds placed into the system. If there are any matches that client is notified by email about each matching listing.

The saved search feature allows the client to insert a couple search criteria into their saved search term to limit the amount of false notifications sent to them. They can set the search term for a specific category or categories as well as only to look within a specific region. The client can even choose how often they are notified of matching searches. They can set to be notified anywhere from 1 to 7 days.

Our software takes the extra step to save your site from being a spammer. Every saved search match for an individual client is saved to a list. As new listings are placed throughout the day new listings may be added to that list. At the time the saved search cron routine is run all those matches will be bundled into one email and sent to client. This does a couple things. It saves the client who saved the search from getting bombarded with a lot of emails for each match they may have with a popular search term. They will get one daily. This also reduces the chances that your domain/server will be labeled a spammer making sure all of your emails get through.